First Day of Training- Zane

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You woke the next morning, and went outside. "So beautiful." You said to yourself.

"Yes it is." A voice said.

You looked and saw a small fox.

"Hi there." You smiled.

"Your new here. I like you already." He replied.

"Well I'm glad."

You moved your hand around, and a vine came out of the ground.

"That's pretty cool." Kai said.

You jumped and turned around, "Oh hey Kai. And thanks, I think it's pretty cool too."

"Anyway, today is your first day of training." He smiled.

"Okay, wanna start now?" You chuckled.

"If you insist." He said and got into his stance.

You jumped out of the way as he attacked.

As he turned around, you grabbed his ankle with a vine and pulled him down.

He got back up, "well I think that pretty much gets you on the team. " He chuckled.



"Yay!!" You yelled.

The fox and Kai smiled at you.

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