First Day of Training- Cole

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You woke up the next morning to the smell of a delicious breakfast.

"Yum." You said and rolled out of bed.

"Come on sis, Zane made breakfast!" Cole said from the other side of the door.

"Coming!" You said and walked out.

Everyone sat at the table, just as Zane brought out the food.

"You excited?" Lloyd asked.

"For breakfast? Of course, I'm excited for any food. As long as Cole didn't make it." You whispered the last part.

"I heard that." He said.

You two chuckled, "I agree. But today is your first day of training "

"Really!? Sweet!"

"Yep, you'll do great sis." He smiled.

You nod and ate your breakfast.

Afterwards, everyone went to the training room.

"Now, come at me." Cole teased.

"Ooh, we're starting there are we?" You smirked, and swung your fist at him.

He moved out of the way, "so slow."

Your came at him again, he grabbed your hand. "Come on, you can do better."

You frowned slightly and knocked him down.

He smiled, "That's better."

You held your hand out and he was pushed against the wall.

"Impressive." Zane said.

You dropped him and tackled him. "How was that?" You smiled.

"Great job." He smirked and rolled over holding you on the ground, "but, you'll get better."

You chuckled as he helped you up.

"Gravity is a pretty cool element." Kai said.

"I agree, you'll be a great addition to the team!" Nya smiled.

"Thanks!" You smiled.

"No problem." She replied.

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