Vacation Visit (BAD Era) 1989

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Since Michael was a little boy, he hated airplanes with a passion.

Now, as a grown man, who is constantly traveling due to his career, he has become accustomed to flying now, though it still isn't on his favorite things to do list. But he would feel much better if his best friend, Nyla was there with him. She pretty much helped him through the comfort process in planes.

Nyla was a legendary rockstar, with the voice of a angel, but with the attitude of a Tasmanian Devil, and she wasn't afraid of most anything.

Michael loved tomboyish type girls, and that's exactly what Nyla's personality was. However, he couldn't seem to shake off her arachnophobia, or fear of certain bugs. She's fine seeing them, but as far as being close and personal with them, she'll be quick to put some distance between her and the bug. But as far as snakes, bats, lizards, rats, animals like that, she welcomes them in happily. She also has a strange fear of zombies, and math in general. Other than that, nothing could stop that woman. If she was scared of other things, like heights, she would just basically "suck it up" and "deal with it" as she puts it.

Anyways, Michael and Nyla have been friends for likes ages, since they were young, and even when they first met, Michael knew he loved her. She just screamed unique. Back when they were kids, she was super smart, and could spit out scientific facts that most adults they knew didn't even know, and she knew how to speak fluent Japanese and Haitian Creole. (Nyla is Creole.) And she had quite the imagination. Over time, she soon had a rebellious streak within her, and gained a love for rock music and and the subculture. Now, having a black rockstar was pretty rare, and Michael couldn't see any other black person meant for that part except her. Once their careers were setting off, Nyla and Michael were separated for some time, but Michael had collected her CDs, and his room was filled with her posters. Finally when he went solo, he managed to get her phone number and they at last reunited, and ever since then, they were inseparable. You can already imagine the rumors and gossip floating around between the two.

Despite Nyla's love for rock, she just couldn't shake her island girl habits, so she lives in Hawaii in this paradise mansion. She also own a few houses around the world as well, but the one she always stayed in was in Hawaii.

All these thoughts were going on through Michael's mind as he listened to one of Nyla's albums, trying to keep his absolute calm.

When they did land in Hawaii, he had to wear his usual disguise in order to make it through the airport without any problems.

Walking out of the airport, two ladies working there had gave him a necklace of yellow hibiscus flowers, and told him Aloha and to enjoy his stay.

There just outside, awaited a limousine that Nyla had ordered to pick them up.

Michael's bodyguard then opened the door for him.

Sometimes, Nyla would be in there, waiting for him, but this time, to Michael's misfortune, she wasn't. Which means he'll have to wait till he arrived at her place.

When they drove off, Michael looked around at the beautiful scenery before them. They glorious city of  Honolulu, the luscious, green mountains that seem to surround them, and the crystal clear sky, with only three small whit clouds in the sky. Cars whizzed by them on the highway that ran within the city.

Michael watched in wonder, trying to imagine how everyday life must be for the average person here. Probably heavenly compared to his tough life. It's nice to have money and fame, but the price of giving up the simple things in life, like being able to go out in public, and having your own privacy isn't easy at all.

They ended up driving on a backroad, where there were fields, as small houses that were spaced out, and then they drove through a forest.

Finally, they were met by this silver gate, which opened up, and they continued driving through.

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