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Letter 3

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A/N- Another emotional letter, hope you are enjoying it so far even though it is sad.

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Dear Mum,

I started sixth form today, and Ellie started her final year at school. I ‘m so proud of her for all she has overcome. She did well in her year 10 exams even though she was still dealing with her grief. I guess it gave her an escape, I know school has been my sanctuary. Walking into school was still as horrible as the first time we came back after you were gone. The sympathetic looks are passed between students and teachers. Everyone too scared to approach the subject; my friends still don’t know what to say to me so keep their distance. I ignore it, my body still to numb with grief to care. I sit alone most of today, thinking. I wonder how Ellie is coping, she is trying so hard to hide the pain but I can see it.

When we get home from school we try to be normal. I make dinner, we do the dishes and then we sit in the kitchen listening to music. Singing in the kitchen with Ellie used to bring me so much joy. Do you remember how much you loved to hear us sing together mum, your face always lit up. But now I can see the pain each word causes her, we shut our eyes in unison, sharing the same memory of that day. The day we watched the last glimmer of life leave your eyes. The day we watched your chest rise and fall for the very last time. The day our lives crashed. Stopped. The day I realised there was no way I could save my little sister from the pain. I couldn’t save myself from this pit of despair I found myself in so how was I meant to protect her? An unfair task to be asked of me .Memories of you drifted in front of my eyes. The times you would curl up with me in bed when I felt like the world was crashing down on me .You should be here now protecting me, protecting us all.

No one can fill the gapping whole your death left in my heart. I lost my mother but also a best friend, my confident, my sanctuary from life itself. I’m alone, lost in the maze of your death.

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