Part 125*

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Sumo and Shravan were cuddled up and sleeping peacefully when the phone began ringing.

Sumo: (groaning) Mummm ..... ughhhh ..... Shravannnn pick up the phone....

Shravan: (groaning) I'll pick it up Baby, you sleep......

Shravan rolled out of Sumo's embrace and grabbed his phone which was laying on the side table.

On the phone.

Shravan: (sleepy voice) Hello?

Pushkar: Still sleeping Bhaiya???

Shravan: Pushkar?

Pushkar: Of course Bhaiya! King Pushkar has graced you with a phone call.

Shravan: What do you want? You ruined my perfectly amazing sleep!

Pushkar: That's my job.

Shravan: Of course it is.

Pushkar: Soooo Bhaiya, am I a Chachu yet???

Shravan: Shut up Jerkface! Why are you in such a hurry?! Your kid will be here in a couple of months, be satisfied with that!

Pushkar: (laughing) Cause I have a bet to win.

Shravan: (confused) Bet?

Pushkar: Yeah! Preeti, Mumma, Varun Bhaiya and Bade Papa think you will give the good news a month after your wedding. However, King Pushkar, Lalaji, and Vandy Bhabhi think that you will give the good news right when you come back from your honeymoon!

Shravan: You mean the whole family is betting on our lovelife??

Pushkar: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Shravan: Have you heard of anything called personal space?

Pushkar: Nah.

Shravan: You're really an idiot, you know?

Pushkar: I don't care. But I intend on winning this bet.

Shravan: Good luck with that! Now I will definitely make sure you lose!

Pushkar: Will you be able to control yourself??

Shravan: To make you lose, I'll do anything!

Pushkar: You're no fun!

Shravan: But my wife still loves me!

Pushkar: Whatever! Anyways, I just called to tell you that your lovey-dovey honeymoon is coming to an end soon, so shall I pick you up at the airport?

Shravan: No thanks! I don't need your help. I'll call my driver.

Pushkar: (laughing) Ok, ok! I wasn't going to come pick you up anyways.

Shravan: Typical you.

Pushkar: You guys having fun?

Shravan: More than you can imagine. (smiling and looking down at Sumo)

Pushkar: So naughty Bhaiya!

Shravan: Hey dirty mind! I didn't mean it like that! Me and Sumo are having a blast exploring!

Pushkar: Each other's bodies???

Shravan: I'm gunna kill you when I get home.

Pushkar: (laughing) I'm looking forward to that Bhaiya. Ok I got a wife you please so I'm gunna hang up.

Shravan: Same. Bye!

Phone call ended.

Shravan threw his phone at the couch and was about to snuggle in Sumo's embrace. But when he turned back to his sleeping beauty, she wasn't sleeping anymore. Instead, she was staring at Shravan and smiling.

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