Part 124*

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The rest of the day, Sumo and Shravan spent browsing through the streets of Kailua Kona after they had finished the submarine.

Both Shravan and Sumo were ecstatic that they had witnessed something so amazing. And now after the tour was over, both of them were relaxing underneath a palm tree, sitting in the sand.

Shravan was sitting with his back resting against the tree while Sumo was laying in between his legs, her head resting on his stomach and his arms circling her waist.

Sumo: Shravan, can I ask you something?

Shravan: Hum?

Sumo: If you don't have any plans for tonight, can we hang out at the villa?

Shravan: Yeah if that's what you want. But what do you want to do at the Villa? Are you feeling alright?

Sumo: I'm feeling fine. I.....I was just missing Ma and Papa so I wanted to lay under the stars like I always do at the Tiwari Killa. Last night when we were driving back I saw the sky and I really wanted to just enjoy it tonight.

Shravan: Jaan, if that what you want to do then I'm totally down for it. But if stars is what you want to see, I think I might have a better idea. (grinning)

Sumo: What??

Shravan: You know Hawaii is home to the biggest telescopes in the world. From here, you can see all kinds of stars, constellations, galaxies, and even planets.

Sumo: (amused) Really?! What island is it on? Why didn't you tell me before?

Shravan: (smiling) Lucky for you, it's on this island. And I honestly forgot how much you loved the stars.

Sumo: (getting excited) This island?! Can we please go Shravan???? Please!!! I really want to go!!

Shravan: Um......Well I'll have to see if we are allowed to even go up there. We might have to take a tour or something. I'm not sure I can drive there.

Sumo: Where is the observatory at??

Shravan: Mauna Kea. One of the tallest mountains in the world which is also a volcano. It's 13,000 feet above sea level. That's why I don't think I can drive all the way up there. It's so high that there is snow up there.

Sumo: (excited) Wow!! Snow!!!! That's amazing! But a volcano??

Shravan: It hasn't erupted in ages. But it's a dangerous drive up.

Sumo: (with puppy eyes) Can we please go?? Pleaseeeee!!?

Shravan: (laughing) If you want to go than I'm willing to take you. Let me see if there are any tours or something.

Sumo smiled at Shravan as he kissed her forehead and stood up. Sumo rested her back against the palm tree and stared at the ocean as Shravan went through his phone trying to find a tour that would go up to the Mauna Kea Observatory.

After about a half an hour, Shravan hung up the phone with a smile on his face.

Sumo: (eagerly) What happened??

Shravan: (grinning) You're in lucky, Sumo Darling! I just got the last two tickets for the last tour!

Sumo: (jumping up) Yes!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Shravan: (smiling) Anything for you Jaan!

Sumo jumped onto Shravan who caught her and spun her around in circles as she giggled and laughed in Shravan's arms.

After a while the couple headed back to their car and drove off the the tour office where they would have to go aboard the bus which would carry them to the observatory.

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