(8) Broken Angel

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The next morning I worked in the shop again then decided to pay a visit to Angelo's old house. I had left my fabric scissors there but of course that wasn't the reason I wanted to go back - I wanted evidence.

I grabbed my bag and keys and made my way down the long country roads until I pulled up outside the house.

I locked the car then knocked on the door. A few minutes later, Ryan appeared looking gloomy and dishevelled.

"Hey." I said with a smile.

His eyes lit as he saw me. "Hey! How are you?" He asked me.

We talked for a while and I said I would get my scissors from Karen's room.

When I got up there, I immediately searched in drawers and cupboards. I couldn't find a thing.

I was about to give up when I heard one of the floorboards creek underneath my weight. It was a long shot but I checked underneath and there, just lying for all to see, was a weird collection of things - like a shrine.

The first thing I picked up was a watch. There was a guys name engraved on the back. 'Timmy'.

I thought I'd heard the name before but who can ever be sure. Just reading the engraving a couple of times and I already felt like the name was really familiar but I couldn't place it.

Next, I picked up a ring. It looked like a wedding ring. I slid it onto my finger but it was way too big for even my thumb. Karen wasn't a fat person so I guessed this was for a man.

I then saw a bottle of men's deodorant. It was an empty bottle but it was still kept in the box. Creepy.

Perhaps she had lost her husband, I thought. But it was equally reasonable to believe that Ryan and Angelo weren't the first boys to get hurt.

The last thing under the floorboards was a huge photo album. I was about to look when Ryan called me to see if I was OK. I had been ages up here.

I shoved the album into my bag and grabbed the scissors that were just lying on the side.

"Sorry about that" I said, once I was in the front room again. "They were hidden underneath some things!" I smiled softly.

Ryan smiled back and handed me a drink. I wanted to get to know him and then maybe he would open up about what happened.

After an hour or so of just general talking - finding out splatters of information about Ryan, I left.

Once I returned to my house, I saw that my house phone was flashing. I pressed the voice mail button to listen to my new messages.

"Message 1. You were called today at 5:33 by 02389 551 638."

"Hello, it's Karen here, sorry I missed you - just wanted to say that the ball has been moved forward a week so if you could come perhaps another time this week, that would be really great. Thank you."

"Message 2. You were called today at 6:18 by 02389 182 647."

"Hey, it's me here, just checking you were Ok. Also wanted to tell you that the wedding has been booked in the local church hall for August the 8th. Should be good weather. Call me back when you get this."

I sighed and put down my keys and slumped myself on a chair. August was only a month away. It was becoming a scary prospect to get married already... I didn't know if I was ready or not.

On the other hand, Phillip was such a gentle, caring guy. I didn't want to let him down.

I picked up the phone and dialled his number.

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