(RWBY)Glynda Goodwitch x Reader x Winter Schnee

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This story was requested by Subzero1818. ⚠️⚠️There is slight lolicon and there is age gap. Glynda is 39 and Winter is 22 while the student is going to be 15. ⚠️⚠️⚠️There will be lemon in here. Hope you enjoy! This will also be taking place in season 3.

*Winter's P.O.V.*

            As I aboard my ship that had brought me to Beacon. I am here under the orders of general Ironwood. Getting to see Weiss is just a bonus that I greatly appreciate. I'm only tough to her because I'm the older sister and I want her to succeed and to stay alive as long as she can. If she isn't strong she won't survive and if she wasn't here I wouldn't know what to do. She is always I'm my heart.

            I'm getting very off track. As I get onto my ship a team consisting of 2 boys and 2 girls were walking back to Beacon. They seem average as normal. One boy had black, spiky hair and dull blue eyes. The other had green, silky hair and teal green eyes. One of the girls had white hair (which reminds me of Weiss) and purple eyes. Finally, last girl had (e/c) eyes and (h/l) (h/c) hair. She was breath taking. She was so beautiful and for a moment timed stopped and it was just her to me. For some reason all I wanted was to react out and grab her and keep her for myself.

            The soldier to my left spoke up dragging me away from the girl,"Ma'am, we should get going. General Ironwood would like to know the information we have collected. We'll be back here later tonight". I simply nodded and boarded the ship as it took off, leaving Beacon tower behind.

*Glynda's P.O.V.*

            I walk down the hall, saying hello every no and again to students. Most students don't like me, but there is one that I can't seem to get to NOT like me. No metter what I try she never leaves and I'm actually thankful for that. She isn't as reckless as the other students, she's the leader of a powerful team, and she is so sweet. Her name is (Y/n).

             I finally reach my room and open the door to find that very person sitting on my desk, alone in the room, swinging her legs. I smiled and closed the door, locking it and I got her attention.

            She looked up and smiled at me,"Good morning Professor Goodwitch"(or Professor Glynda).

            I returned her smile,"Good morning (Y/n)". Once I got to my desk I planted a small kiss on her lips which she happily returned. Yes, I fell for my student, but in all fairness I wasn't the one who got their feeling out first. It happened about 2 weeks ago. (Y/n) and I went out on a mission. The only reason I went with her was because the mission was very dangerous and I was her supervisor.

            While we were out she ended up confessing to me when we returned to Beacon and ever since then we've gone out, kissed and held hands. This was obviously while people weren't around. We agreed to keep our relationship a secret because if it were to get out then I would be fired and she would be bullied for it. She will also sometimes come to my room and we will sleep together. No, I do not me sex. Just sleep.

            A bell went off signaling for the students to go to their last class of the day. (Y/n) and I shared one last kiss and she went to her seat and I unlocked the door. I was happy that everyday she was in my last class. It made everyday that much better. The rest of class went on as normal and sadly at the end of the day she had to leave along with the other students, but I knew that later i would get to see her because she was coming to my room again and I couldn't wait.

*Your P.O.V.*

"Finally, I can rest," I sigh and collapse on my bed, only to be interrupted by someone knocking at the door. I know that it isn't anyone from my team, seeing as they told me they wouldn't be back for a while. I get up and go to the door and on the other side was a beautiful maiden. She had long white hair tied in a bun, light blue eyes, and pain skin. I shake the thought of her being beautiful out of my head thinking, I have Glynda. I love her.

I shake my head and smile at the woman in front of me,"Hello, how can I help you?" As I spoke I could see a small blush form on her cheeks even with the stern look she was giving me.
           She cleared her throat,"Yes hello. My name is Winter. Winter Schnee and you are?"

           "(Y/n)," I finish for here.

            She nods,"(Y/n)," but before she could continue Glynda walked up, grabbed Winter, and closed my door. I was shocked, but I'll see Glynda later so I'll ask here then.

*Time Skip*⚠️Lemon starts⚠️

          I knock on Glynda's door and heard a come in so I let myself in. When I walked in the room was dark and I heard the door shut behind me and get locked. As I turned around someone's lips met mine and that person shoved me into the bed. When I opened my eyes I saw it was not Glynda, but Winter. The bed moved from behind me and when I looked I saw Glynda already laying down. By this point I was blushing madly.. more on the line because there were both naked.
          Glynda moved to where she was holding my head and began to undress my top half while kissing me. Winter kneeled onto the bed then laid down on me grinding against me sending my mind blank as I moan into Glynda's mouth. Glynda pinched my right breast, slipping her tongue into my mouth. While Winter finished the job of undressing my by taking off my pants and underwear and immediately stuck two fingers in me. I arched my back feeling the pleasure and almost instantly climaxed onto her hand.
          They weren't finished though. In fact they switched places. Winter was now kissing me and Glynda was licking me. I tried to pull away from Winter because I was so out of breath, but she just pulled me back holding my head in place. Due to how I just climaxed, I was very sensitive and climaxed again into Glynda's mouth and she happily drank it all.
          Winter finally pulled away and Glynda spoke to me as I slowly fell asleep,"We love you. This will happen from now on," but I wasn't the slightest bit worried about having to do it again as I fell into deep sleep.

The End. I know the lemon was uncalled for but it was the only thing I could think of at the time of writing it. And I also know it was a bad lemon. But I hoped you still enjoyed it even if it were only a little.

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