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"If we're gonna sell it to the public, we have to sell it real good

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"If we're gonna sell it to the public, we have to sell it real good. Relax. Smile a little." Caleb whispered close to Penelope's ear. All eyes were on them. The media going ballistic over seeing the CEO walking hand in hand with a leggy blonde.

"scusa, questo è solo un po 'troppo."
"I'm sorry. This is just a bit too much." Penelope forced herself to smile.

"Just follow my lead. Gilbert is around the corner, he'll be here soon."

They made their way out of one of New York's exquisite restaurants. Lunch was divine, but alas, they had to do what they came to do. To flaunt their fake romance. Mislead the public, make them believe that some lucky lady had snagged the rich and powerful billionaire Caleb Michealson.

"Give us a name. A name Mr. Michealson. Who is this beautiful young lady." One of the many reporters shouted.

"Is this the one? Has someone finally tamed your heart? If so, when's the wedding." Another journalist questioned.

Caleb didn't bother to reply, he instead guided Penelope towards the slick black Mercedes Benz that had pulled up. Gilbert jumped out of the car and opened the back doors, waiting for his boss and the lady of the moment to get in.
When they did, he swiftly shut the back doors and went to the drivers seat, getting in and driving away from the crowd.

"Where to sir?"

"I'm heading back to the office. Take Penelope back home." Caleb responded.

"grazie a Dio, per favore dimmelo, uhh, nothing planned for the evening." Penelope loosened her hair. Freeing it from the insanely tight bun she'd made this morning.

"We have to head out again. For dinner." Caleb scrolled through his phone. Going through some emails.

"questo accordo significa molto per te?"
"This deal means that much to you?"

"I can do without it. However, Non sono uno per evadere da una sfida." Caleb continued to poke his phone.

"What does Julieta have to say about all of this?"Genuine curiosity could be detected from her tone of voice.

"Should she have a say in the matter? Penny dear, Julieta is my daughters therapist. She's familiar with the family, but I don't think she's part of anything else." Caleb turned off his screen. Finally giving penny his full attention.

"oh per favore. The chemistry between you two is undeniable. Don't try to hide it." Penny tilted her head back in laughter. Her dimples popped out as she showcased her never ending smile.

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