Part 28 is hereeeeee! Two updates in one day.... in the wise words of Amber: "Put that in your pipe and smoke it" all the people who claim that I don't update enough.

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Part of this story is a bit fan girl-ish so I apologise in advance! You should definitely check out the songs that I mention. I actually met Avenged Sevenfold once (ages ago back in 2006) and M.Shadows asked how I was and I replied: "I'm very good thank you, how are you?" to which he replied that he was great. Talk about a conversation being 0% rock and roll! I bet he thought, who the hell is this overly polite speaking girl?! (seeing as everyone else was saying things along the lines of "Dudeee, you all f*ucking rock!"). It's not as embarassing as when I sort of met Benji Madden though :o I still cringe about that now....

Anyways enough of my hyper ramblings.... please enjoy and vote and comment (and make sure you do the same with part 27 :p )


"Good practise girls!" I called out to the girls after a gruelling session. 

Candice had spent an hour on cardio and toning exercises before we'd even started practising our newest routine. She'd also lectured us all about not eating any kind of junk food and had handed us each a copy of a workout plan that she'd devised that we had to do every day.

She'd said that her squad weren't going to turn up to Nationals looking like a bunch of heffers.

I politely reminded her that they were OUR squad. 

Jogging into our changing rooms I had a quick shower and put on the clothes that I'd picked out to wear to the Avenged Sevenfold gig. I put on my black skinny jeans, a hot pink cropped vest and then my "Kiss Me, I'm Contagious" t-shirt that Teigan had magically turned into an off the shoulders top. I completed the look with my hot pink converse that had stars on them.

I was pinktastic and proud!

Chelsea was waiting for me on the changing room bench to do my make up.

I wasn't at all surprised to see that Lacey, Janey and Alicia were sat with her - they wanted the gossip no doubt.

"How do I look?" I asked, twirling in front of them all.

"Like a sexy ass rock chick" Chelsea declared, grabbing my hand and pulling me down on to the bench.

She started working her magic on me while the other girls watched.

"Okay, I'm just going to ask" Lacey blurted out, "What-"

"- the heck is going on with you and Liam Unsworth?" Janey added, finishing her sentence.

I could sense all of their eyes on me, desperate for details.

"We're going to see a band do a gig tonight" I replied, hoping that this would be enough information for them.

It wasn't.

"Are you dating?"

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"You love him don't you?!"

That last overly dramatic question was from Lacey.

"We're just hanging out" I shrugged.

"Keep still" Chelsea tutted, my shrugging obviously interfering with her make up application.

"You should have seen them when they babysat for TJ" Alicia gushed, "When we got back they were both fast asleep snuggled up to each other"

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