Chapter 30

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Y/N's POV:

I stormed out of camilas house and went for my car

"Y/n wait" Sofia yelled but I ignored her and kept going

"Dammit Y/FN Y/LN I said stop" she yelled even more frustrated

I stopped once I made it to my car and turned around to see her

"Please stop. Don't do this" she pleaded

"Sof. I have to" I  breathed out

"No you don't" she said sternly "it's just your ego. I actually agree with camila. You think fighting solves things but it doesn't. Please stop" she said

"Sofia someone has to put that asshole in his place" I said

"Okay but I don't want it to be you. Please I really don't want you getting hurt" she said "I just got you back and I don't want to lose you again to a worse matter" she said

"I'll be fine I promise" I said grabbing her hand and she sighed

"There's no way of stopping your stubborn ass is there?" She asked and I laughed but shook my head no

"Let me come with you then" she said

"No it's dangerous I want far away from that guy" I said

She grabbed my hand tightly and looked my in the eyes

"Ride or die y/n" she said and I smiled

"Alright then"


We made it to the Guess studio. I was seated in the drivers seat nervously but also full of rage

Sofia put her hand on my leg and made me stare at her

"Please be careful okay. Don't get hurt" she said looking into my eyes

"I will" I said looking at her

She leaned in and placed a kiss on my lips which I gladly accepted and reciprocated

"I love you" she breathed out and it made me smiled

"I love you too" I said

"Go ahead. I'll be right here with the car on" she said hesitantly

"Okay I'll be back" I said

I got out of the car and slowly made my way to the doors of the establishment

Once I opened the door I made my way in quickly trying to find where this guy was

"Excuse me you can't be here without I.D." Some lady said from a desk so I lifted up an I.D. that was sinus which she gave me the lady didn't question it and then left me alone

I continued walking until I saw a door with a sign that said "photo shoot in progress" this had to be it

I went into the room and I saw that they were almost finishing up.

No one was paying attention and Alessandro was on his phone as he was shirtless wearing a denim jacket

"Hey asshole" I said as I approached him

He looked up but couldn't say anything as I socked him straight across the jaw

He stumbled back and I grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and threw him down and straddled him and kept on swinging at his face. I got his right side of the face a lot

He tried to grab my fists to make me stop but I kept moving around not letting him get a hold on me

He turned his face and I got a good shot at his nose which made him yell out in pain

I heard the signs of gasps and screaming but I was only focused on fucking up this asshole

"I'm gonna make you regret ever laying a hand on camila" i said as I grabbed his collar making his limp body rise. I threw him back down and threw more fists

He managed to grab my fist and then made me hit the ground and hovered over me and laughed. I could see his no longer white teeth covered in blood and his nose was dripping with the red liquid as well.

"So what you thought you could play the hero and save her?" He said bitterly "news flash she'll never go back to a bitch like you when she has a man like me" he said and then wound up his fist

it made me grin and then I kneed him in his dick which made him groan in pain and fall on the ground I got up and kicked his stomach

"News flash. I had many nights with her before you. Oh and lets not forget that she was ready to leave your ass in a heartbeat for me. You're nothing to her. And I could have her back anytime I wanted" I said

I crouched down to his level and grabbed him by the ear

"But I already have a girlfriend. As for you you're never going to get someone as beautiful or amazing as camila ever again. And I'm gonna make sure that you stay the hell away from her" I said

I got up and kicked him again "that's for my girlfriend" I said then kicked him again "that's for little Sofia" and then kicked him once more "and that's for Sinu" I said

I got up and figured he had enough since he basically looked lifeless on the ground. I turned around and saw the whole crew staring At me in shock

"Sorry for breaking your pretty boy" I said with a shrug

"Security" someone yelled

"Well there no point in that now is there" I said with a laugh

And then made my way out of the room

I walked away cockily but then I heard the sound of a lot of footsteps approaching quickly

"Oh shit" I mumbled and then made a run for it

I ran out of the building and dove into my car startling Sofia

"Drive drive drive" I shouted to her and she did as told and sped off

I sighed as I looked back and saw them become a ant in the distance

"What happened?" Sofia yelled "did you get hurt?" She asked worriedly as she grabbed my face with her right hand as she continued to steer and kept her eyes on the road

"I'm fine I'm fine" I said fixing my hair

"You had me worried " she said "what happened?" She asked

I ended up explaining to her what happened the whole way and then before I knew it we were home

"I'm glad that he's not gonna bother any of us again and that you're okay" she said

"Me too" I said

"Lets go to bed" she mumbled as I opened the front door

"Sounds good"


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