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“Guys guess what!” Niall yelled as he busted through our bedroom door. “What is it little leprechaun?” Louis said laughing at Niall’s expression of almost every mood mixed together. “Oh shut up Louis, you’ll regret calling me that once i show you what i got” Niall said with his hands on his hips staring at Louis. “Ha Ha ok what do you have?” “ Only the best tickets in the world” Niall yelled hoping to get Liam and Zayn’s attention.

Suddenly Zayn and Liam leaned over the top bunk of the bunk bed. “What tickets you git Niall buddy?” Liam asked smiling widely in curiosity. “Justin Bieber’s! Niall screamed jumping up and down like a little school girl. “Who in bloody’s name is Justin Bieber?”  Zayn asked hoping to not make Niall mad, but it was to late. “Who is Justin Bieber, who is Justin Bieber why Justin Bieber is the best canadian male singer in the world!” Niall exclaimed loudly.

“Ehh he is okay Niall it could’ve been Robbie Williams.” “Oh Louis shut up Justin Bieber is a good singer” Liam interrupted. “Yep I got five tickets in the first row, AND backstage passes” Niall yelled trying to show off. “OWWW that’s what i’m talking about buddy” Zayn yelled as he jumped off the top bunk. “Yep were is Harry so I can tell him” Niall said still jumping up and down. “Ahh Harry he’s outside playing basketball, he’s been practicing lately to beat little Zayn here” Liam said. “Alright” Niall ran out the door and slid down the stair rails.

As Niall ran outside he forgot to open the glass door into the back and running into it he made a loud crash falling on the ground. The crash scaring Harry made him throw the basketball hitting the rim bouncing back hitting Harry on the forehead knocking him on his back. “Oh I’m sorry lad I swear I didn’t mean to” Niall yelled regaining contentious getting off the ground. “Oh I’m quite alright just a little bump on my head” Harry replied dusting dirt off his pants.

“Ha Ha don’t worry you can get me back,but guess what Harry”? “What is it Niall did your turtle Squirt die” “No he’s quite alive still in the tank,but anyways guess what”? “ Umm I don’t know what?”   “I got all five of us tickets and backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert”! “Really, YES,AND backstage passes...I GET TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER!” Niall and Harry both jumped around like they seemed to be doing a happy dance like ballerinas.

“When do we get to go Niall”? “Tomorrow at seven and we meet him at eight thirty.” “YES” Harry yelled running around the court. All of a sudden Harry stopped running staring at Niall. “What are we going to talk about,wear,what if i freeze up-” Niall hit Harry on the arm smiling. “Don’t worry Harry were One Direction he probably knows us,now come on inside it’s about time to eat we can sit down and talk about it with the guys then” “Ok Niall..let’s go.” Harry and Niall started on there way inside Harry staring and laughing at were Niall crashed into the door.

As Harry and Niall went into the kitchen they saw Zayn spinning in the spinning chair. “Vas happenin we didn’t wanna cook so we just ordered pizza” said Zayn who you can tell was getting dizzy in the chair. All of a sudden as Harry sat down Louis sat on top off him. “So what we going to do tomorrow when we meet Justin Bieber” asked Louis. “Oh I don’t know” replied Liam. “Maybe if he knows us really good he can come to the huge apartment were staying in for the night and we can all hang out.

“Sounds good” Niall added. “I’m in, and when we get there we can be like were your biggest fans and just keep talking and bragging him on until he does”. Zayn offered. “Umm ok i guess we can try that” Liam said. “OK GUYS we got our plan down we should go make sleepies so were not tired for tomorrow” Niall suggested nicely “AGREED” they all said and they all started off towards there room.

That next morning as there alarms went off Niall and Zayn were already ready to go. Louis was in the middle of putting his pants on and eating his morning carrot when all of a sudden there was a loud BANG waking up Niall and Liam. As Liam leaned over his bunk he started to laugh. “what happened” Liam asked laughing looking at the floor. Niall leaned over to see Harry on the floor. “I was to lazy to move so I just rolled instead...,but i rolled off” “Well obviously” said Zayn almost on the floor himself from laughing. “YOU GUYS get ready it’s almost time to go”.

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