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A silent tear falls across her face so fair,

The silent whispers gliding through the air,

In times gone by they were a pair,

She never knew a love so finely true,

Now her tears mix with the morning dew.

Now on this dark rock she sits alone,

Her stolen heart now made of stone,

Upon which her tears were prone,

Her love lies abreast upon his side,

He was twisted, broken by his pride.

He gazed too deeply upon his eyes,

Never knew how deep his lies,

For himself he would surely die,

Arrogance so bright he could not shake,

That same brightness his life did take.

Hand in hand, her love to keep,

Forever more she now will weep,

To her goddess, her soul to reap,

Answers ripple through the bloom,

A white flower becomes his tomb.

More than tears can she now cry,

Her voice knotted in his lie,

Her goddess will never let her die,

So footsteps dissolve into the air,

One by one, but soon a pair.

Never her thought now can flow,

So in the dark she now must follow,

Her voice now deep but hollow,

In the walls locked and bound,

Eternally cursed to surround.

Cry not for her, for she can be heard,

And through your voice, remembered,

And love's pain must be suffered,

The flower blooms forevermore,

for the echo speaks, nothing more.

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