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Two weeks had passed and things were just the same as always. Contrary to what my psychiatrist hoped, I still felt nothing. Contrary to what my advisor wanted, I refused to marry. Contrary to the internet reviews, my medication didn’t work and it was no surprise that I still killed. More or less things went on as usual.

There was yet another heart in my collection and I was proud of it. Unfortunately for me Samuel wasn’t. As a result, here I sat…in a pew…in church. A Catholic church. Devout people everywhere. Up front was Samuel Di Lorient, the most well loved priest of Trinity Church. He brought me here because he thought he could ‘help me’.

I think it goes without saying that I felt uneasy in here. My mind and body knew I didn’t belong in this place. My stomach turned, my head ached and I wanted nothing more than to get out. I had been warned about bursting into flames by a teasing Sam earlier. He made me promise to run outside first since the building was forty percent wood. It seemed like a joke at the time but an hour and a half later, I was beginning to wonder if I really would burst into flames. It had nothing to do with being immortal. There were dozens of immortals kneeling around me. It probably had more to do with my sin-grounded soul that caused my unease.

When it was over – after a ridiculously long service – I was outside before anyone else. Samuel took his sweet time to come meet me. Hopping into the car I was silent for the entire ride. We went straight to my office when we got home.

“You still pissed?”

“Let’s get one thing straight,” I glared, “What happened this evening…never happening again. This was the first and last time. Understood?”

“If you would go more often you—.”


“Yes. Fine. I thought if medication and counseling didn’t help, we could try a spiritual approach.”


I walked away. He would be better off not to so much as suggest that I try that again. It was long. It was tiring. It was painful. I wasn’t spiritual in any way so I had no idea what Samuel was trying to accomplish by dragging me there. The only impact it had was to make me irritated enough to want to strangle him.

A quick shower and a change of clothes later and I was back in the office. Sam was waiting there in the same seat I’d left him in. He glanced up as I sat across from him. My eyes rested on him. A calm stare, long and unblinking. He met my gaze.

“Alright alright. I thought it over and I’m sorry. I won’t make you go again.”

“You’d be an idiot to think that you could get me to.”

“I’m guessing that I’m not forgiven?”

“I do not forgive,” I murmured, “But I’ll forget it this time.”

“Good. On to business. Where are we on this so-called take over plan of yours?”

“One down, four to go.”

“Wait. What do you mean one down? I thought we were still in the planning stages,” he sat up straighter, “How did you manage that so quickly? You didn’t consult with me about anything.”

“I don’t tell you everything, Samuel. I didn’t need your help. Father always left me to oversee everything to do with military and combat. I have a strong group of men and women at hand. Plus I have the ability to conduct the kind of military operations that would make Russia moan and Germany’s toes curl.”

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