Chapter One-

It was the last few day of school and I was sitting on the front steps of my school writing in my diary when I looked out at the street and saw my BFFLEWOE(Best Friend For Like Ever With Out Exceptions) 

"Hey Kaylynn." I said 

"Hey Carter." She started coming up the steps.

"Cute boots." I complimented her.

"Thanks, I love you sandals." she said  back.

I looked down at my pink gladdiators.

"Thanks." I smiled.

"Has he called?" I asked 

Blake Mitchell was Kaylynn's boyfriend. He was captain of the football team and student council president. He was a self-serving jerk, but I guessed Kay liked that type of guy.

"No! He hasn't called, texted, e-mailed, Facebook messaged, Twetted, sent a letter, he hasn't even sent a dang pigeon! Seriously, it's like all means of communication are foreign to this boy!" She said

"Wow!" I replied spipping my diary into my bag. 

My iPhone started buzzing just then. It was a text from my pen pal Surfer Boy. He wasn't Technically a "Pen pal" because he  lived in California like I did but I didn't know where. The text said "Hey want to meet this weekend for break fast?" I replied with a "Yeah!" and  he  said  "Great meet me at the Starbucks on sunset Saturday morning at 10:30." I texted "It's a date."

I smiled down at my phone.

"Here I am having traumatic boy problems and you're smiling down at your phone like a weirdo!" Kaylynn said

The bell started ringing which meant first period was over and so was my free period. 

"Come on." I rolled my eyes.

When I got up I adjusted my skirt and walked up the rest of the steps. Kaylynn was by my side the whole time with her arm linked through mine. 

"Anyway back to me and Blake." Kaylynn Started "I'm just not sure where this thing between him and me is going or how the story of us will end."

I looked away from her and saw Blake making out with Donna Toben by the lockers.

"Um..spoiler alert." I patted her arm "Badly." I said 

She followed my gaze to where Blake(and friend)was standing. She unlinked her arm from mine and walked  up to him. I moved close towards the action. I watched her tap his shoulder and say "Hi  remember me, well we're over!" she smacked his cheek so hard I think the second and third floor heard it. Just then the bell rang, I grabbed Kaylynn by  the hand and ran towards History Of The World. 

We got into the classroom with time to spair. We sat down at the desk we shared. I was pulling out my book when the teacher walked in. 

"Good Morning class." Mrs. Cook extra cheery today.

"Good morning Mrs. Cook." the classroom said together. 

"Today we're reviewing The Great Depression." she said. 

I really couldn't focus on the lesson when my best friend was silently falling apart at the seems in the seat next to me. Kaylynn let a few tears spill over. I was surprised at her, she was tipically a loud crier. Her heart must have been broken badly. 

I already knew about the great depression, we learned about it every year since first grade. The class seemed to tick by in millenniums, but soon enough the class was over and we were all free to roam the halls. When the bell sounded Kaylynn made a break for the door and I was hot on her trail. When she got into the bathroom she burst into  tears and slid her back down the wall.