Chapter 23- Anna

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Chapter 23


I woke to the smell of cooking food as i opened my eyes, sniffing the air while i peeked over the covers of Amy's bed and saw, on the side table, two boiled eggs and some toast, as well as some orange juice. I smiled to myself when i noticed Amy was stood there also, smiling away at her cooking attempts. It was cute to know she had woken up early to cook me breakfast in bed, even cuter to see that she still had her elephant pj's on from last night.

Last night was one of the best nights i have had in a while, not because we ate a very large pepperoni and pineapple pizza that was delicious, but because i had cuddled up to Amy all night watching movies and getting to know each other better. 

She told me all about her parents and the situation they were in, and how she ended up living with her mom while Jess lived with her Dad. How they would swap around once in a while so they could see both parents. I imagined it to be exhausting, considering they probably had to travel to school once a week from a different distance and manage to still get ready on time. I understood that her parents lived far apart so it was hard to travel back and forth every week.

I also found out she was a fond lover of elephants, not because she had pj's with them on, but because she had photos of them, literally everywhere around her room and on her clothes. I couldn't help but feel warm inside as she told me about her mother taking her to a safari park every year just to see them.

Amy was different to most girls i knew. Her personality was beyond cute and amazing, but her mood was always positive. She thoughts about others than herself, which i loved to see in someone. Never selfish, always giving.

I told her about my life to, trying not to go into too much detail about my mum and dad and how my mum was pretty much an alcoholic, once upon a time. I wasn't quite comfortable yet, telling her about my past, but she understood anyway, and i was grateful for that. Amy's mother didn't bother us at all when i was here, only when she knocked on the door to give us our pizza, of course, i offered to pay for my share, but she politely declined. I wasn't sure as to whether or not her mother knew about Amy's sexuality. However, from what Amy told me, it was her dad that disagreed with that lifestyle, not her mother. So she avoided telling her dad anything, and tried her best to bond with her mum more than anyone else.

After we shared the pizza and watched a couple of films, we agreed to sleep because it was so late. Lucky for us, we didn't have school tomorrow since it was the weekend, and we already had plans according to Amy. I laughed so hard when she told me that, because she was basically kidnapping me from my own home. 

I hadn't been home for two days now and she was still planning on making me stay over for the weekend. Even though she was determined to have me stay, i couldn't, since i needed to spend time at home too. Amy didn't mind though, she said she was just lucky enough to spend one more day with me and that she would drop me home later. Amy's task, apparently, was to make me happy. I smirked at that, she was too cute for me to handle.

The bed sunk in beside me as Amy sat on the edge, cutting the toast into triangles as she also had her breakfast beside her. The thing was, i didn't like eggs, but i couldn't tell her that when she had nicely went out of her way to cook me some.

"Your breakfast ma'lady." Amy said, raising her eyebrow as she bowed her head towards me, attempting to act like a gentleman. I couldn't help but giggle as she had a little butter on her cheek, where she must have wiped it and got it there without realizing. Her eyes twinkled when i sat up, grabbing the tray with the breakfast on. Before i could eat anything, i needed to get the butter off her cheek before she goes out with it on.

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