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    "you're gonna kill me before i'm sixteen"


"What are you two up to?" Your dad spoke as he walked into the living room where you and Finn were currently sitting, watching tv.

You looked over at your dad, a little confused since it's obvious what you two were doing. "Uh, watching tv. Why?" You asked, knowing there was something to it. There's always something to it.

"Since you're getting to the age where you'll be driving..I was wondering if maybe you'd wanna take the car out for a spin?" He grinned, pulling out the car keys, which caused your face to light up and Finn's to loose all color.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Mr. y/l/n?" Finn piped in, looking flushed.

You rolled your eyes at your nervous boyfriend, "Shut up. I'm an excellent driver." You squinted your eyes at him afterwards, grabbing the car keys and skipping ahead.

Once you were settled in, your dad beside you to help you and Finn in the middle seat in the back, his seat belt on tight, his leg shaking as he mumbled a few words about him dying painfully and slowly.

"Okay, so which one's the gas?" You asked, jokingly. Finn widened his eyes, "God help me." He whispered, closing his eyes as you laughed.

"Please tell me you're joking, y/n." Your dad sighed, a hand on his forehead, rubbing it.

"I'm just joking around, gosh." You laughed, adjusting yourself in the seat, a little nervous.

"Okay, so just put the car in drive and lightly, and y/n, I mean lightly press the gas when I tell you to." Your dad sternly said, eyeing you as you placed your hand around the gear stick, pulling it back into drive, your foot still on the brake.

Finn was still whispering prayers to himself, which distracted you a little bit. "Finn, babe. You're not gonna die. But I might just reach back there and slap you if you don't shut up." You glared through the rearview mirror at him, as if he were a kid and you were the mom.

"Now, let your foot off the break slowly." He instructed, watching you closely as you slowly lifted your foot off the brake. "Okay, now lightly give it some gas."

And when he said lightly, you must've mistaken it for 'slam on the gas like a nascar driver' because the car flew forward and you slammed on the brakes, sending your body jolting forward some and your dad cussing loudly while Finn was on the verge of tears.

"I'm gonna die. You're gonna kill me before I'm sixteen." Finn whimpered, but you could only laugh.

"I'm sorry, dad." You apologized, but your dad waved you off and unblocked. "Put the car in park and get out. Should've listened to your boyfriend." was all he said.

Finn thanked the Lord with a big smile as you put the car in park and got out, a frown on your face as you climbed into the back seats with Finn.

"I never doubted you." Finn gave you a geeky smile, going in for a hug but you shut him out. "You were back here the whole time practically reciting the entire bible word for word." You glared, but he just sent you another smile and hugged you, even when you tried pushing him away.


this is something different lol. but i remember the first time i drove, which was a quick decision on my mom since we had just left the movies after seeing lights out & it was almost twelve am and i had to really pee. long story short, i told my mom to put a seat belt on and she didnt so when i slammed on the brakes after slamming on the gas my mom jolted forward. BUT the second time was on the way back from the park and my niece really had to pee so i was taking her and my dad kept scaring me by yelling there was a car coming while i was literally SHAKING lmao it was the first time i drove actually near a car and not in an empty parking lot.


pls request one shots bc im rly bored lol

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