bonus convo: 2 : 5 6 PM

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"Stop what?"

"Stop doing that."

"I don't understand. I'm just sitting here and breathing.."

"Exactly. Stop it."

"Ouch. Stop breathing?"

"No. Stop just sitting there. Say something to me, talk, move, blink, anything."

"Uh, so nice weather we are having?"


"You're the one who wanted to talk.."

"Not about the weather, dimwit."

"About what? .... Like if I'm sexually attracted to you?"


"What was that all about anyways?"

"Uh, I don't know.."

"I'm sure you don't."


"Or maybe how bad Disney is?"

"It is kind of ba—"

"Or maybe! Maybe, how my name came from a leaf you put in salads."

"...I mean, it doesn't really ma—"

"Maybe even how much money I haven't spent on you?"

"Pfft. Like I care about your money. I'm fine with just you."

"Then why do I have to 'say something to you, talk, move, blink, anything'?"

"Because I'm lonely."


"...Just go back to sitting there."

"You shouldn't be lonely. I'm here. Whenever you need me.."


"No problem, babe."

"Don't call me that."

"Sorry... No problem, Riles."



Holo guyssss!
So today's thing was kind of lame, if I do say so myself. I'm hoping to do a longer one in the future, but I haven't had the time to think on it that much, get ideas of what will happen.

Again I'll ask if you have anymore topics or situations you'd like them to talk about or do maybe, list them


I'll do little conversations until I have the time to do the big one.

With lava,
Liv c':

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