2. I remember when things were more simple when we were kids.

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AN: I hope you enjoy this chapter :) The Tweeks are finally back in South Park so the story will begin to slowly unravel.

Also In this story, Tweek is close with Kenny's group which consists of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Butters, and Kenny.

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Tweeks POV

~ ~

August 3rd. Today marks the day I returned to South Park. Besides the fact of my parents and I disagree on coming back; I still don't understand why I chose to go to college in South Park. College is the first actual step into me becoming an individual in this world. I chose to stay with my parents and move back to the town. Moving across the country to get away from the town left me a very satisfactory feeling in my mind, but also the thought of being all alone without my parents scared me. I didn't like the uncomfortable feeling of not being near my parents. It skyrocketed my anxiety to certain points that have never ever been reached at all in my life.

I suppose it's just for the better and on the bright side, I don't have to pay extra money to live in the dorms or pay rent if I got my own place, not including the personal expenses that come with moving somewhere your parents don't cater to your every need with their wallets. In the least, I'm not paying rent by living at home. Having a part-time job at the coffee shop is proving some decent income that benefits me well during the school year. In a way, it is beneficial to the both of us. My parents have an employee who actually has experience in what the fuck they're doing when it comes to the coffee shop, and I get to live at home saving all income for myself. In addition to feeding my semi-addictive temptations to purchasing new albums weekly to learn how to play them on my guitar. The coffee addiction is at least covered since my parents own a coffee shop as well as my cigarettes from Kenny.

The movers had already delivered and assembled all of our furniture at our previously owned house in South Park, which shocked my parents and I that we were able to get our old house again since apparently, it was put on sale again since the previous owners were killed in some rebellion from the crab people.

Kenny already texted me that Butters and he were heading over to my home to make themselves comfortable. Meaning by that, they're going to raid the food and be nosy through my stuff. They had access to my house because my father left a key with Kenny to ensure all of the furniture was there damaged free and to of course let the movers in. My father had already traveled to my old house to get everything ready for when we arrived.

I slid into the backseat of the car as I was putting my headphones on to blast one of my long car rides playlist that keeps me occupied for times like this. I wouldn't survive if I didn't have my music. I would have gone insane. Before playing anything I took one last look outside to my now old home that had many sentimental memories that I held dear to my heart. The car began to move and the sight of my previous home was now fading away as we drove down the street. I closed my eyes and began to play music before falling asleep.

[ AN: I wanted to make the hours up between South Park and Denver so just go with it because I didn't feel like figuring it out since it isn't important. I'm just letting everyone know before they start to spam me with messages of the actual distance in the show]

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