Primo Friday

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The week went by too fast. Before I knew it I was looking Friday in the face and the Primo. He was the youngest Primo ever and a heartthrob though I never did care for him in the least.

The other girls and boys for that matter, loved to talk about how if you look into his dark black eyes, you can see swirling stars like they have their own galaxy. Only thing I see when I look into his eyes is competition. I see the man I'm going to bring down and earn the title of Primo from.

Grace stayed by Gracie's and my side. She didn't like the crowds either. I saw a smile cross her face when she saw a man in overalls. I smiled and waved and he waved back. I had met The Scholar once. He was a really nice man unlike his unruly and crude son. Grace went over to talk to him and that's when I noticed Dom giving me a wicked smile. I flipped him off and turned to head the other way when I felt someone grab my arm.

I turned around and saw Jacob, Dom's best friend. Jacob was as big of an ass as Dom was and that's why they get along. I thought it a distasteful friendship since Jacob's dad, The Gentleman, was so cruel to Dom's dad. It was like they didn't have a care in the world for anyone but themselves.

"Let go of me asshole" I said growling. He just stared. "My buddy over there wants to talk to you, which means you go and talk to him" Jacob said and started pulling on me. I started to pull away but Jacob let go as soon as the loudspeaker crackled and a familiar voice came over it.

"Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, teachers and parents and those seeking the world, I'm sure you all know me, I'm Julian Slink, Master of Mayhem and head of Heart Enterprises, I wanted to let you all know that this years Blood Drive is turning out to be the biggest yet. We have decided to make it a new vs old race and I know that gets all your tingly parts tingling".

I heard kids snickering and then my dad say ouch. I laughed realizing my mom was here as well and my dad just got in trouble. After a minute of dead silence my dads voice rang through the halls once more.

"So to clarify there will be two groups racing this year. Each new racer will be paired with an experienced racer. Grace D' Argento, my handpicked battle bitch, you will be racing with my pride and joy Ralian, if she can make it four more months, Dom my man, my Primo, you will be racing with your dear ole dad and a friend, The Scholar. And last but not at all least, Jacob, you and your wannabe thief of a daddy, The Gentleman, will be a team. The full list of racers will be posted on Sunday at the official Blood Drive store in the mall of Slink. The Primo title will be granted to both racers so get yourselves ready. Your master of mayhem signing off" and with that the com went dead.

I smiled as Jacob turned white, he didn't plan on having to race but now he has too. Dom tried to remain level headed but the look on his face said it all. He was Primo and he shouldn't have to race. I wanted to yell "well you gotta shit face" but kept my mouth shut. Grace and The Scholar looked shocked but both were smiling. I think they were enjoying this twist.

I saw Miyuki, Jacob's girlfriend slide up against his side. She held him tight and looked as pale as he did. My guessing was she found out she had to race with her daddy dearest, RibBone. I liked RibBone. He loves dogs and his wife is so beautiful. She was a temple priestess in Japan and always wears beautiful Kimonos. I don't know how a daughter of hers got together with the likes of Jacob.

I sighed. I started heading over towards Grace when Dom stepped in front of me. "You must be Ralian, the daughter of Julian Slink. Well princess don't think that's going to get you any headway in the race" he snarled. I rolled my eyes. "Don't worry dip shit, I don't want any because I know my skills. I can't wait for you to see the back of my bumper as I pass you" I said back. He laughed and said "I wouldn't want to see your bumper" as he smacked my ass.

I growled, and without thought I slammed him up against the wall and held him up by his throat. Gracie was panicking and as Dom's face started going blue I could feel my moms hand gently touch my shoulder. With just that touch I relaxe a bit and I calmly sat him back on his feet and left with my mom. I didn't see dad anywhere but I didn't care at that moment. I just wanted mom.

"I ruined my chance at everything didn't I?" I said through tears. Shaking his head mom said "no, I'm impressed so I'm going to let you make that car this weekend and then if you can keep it together you can still race" mom said and I relaxed against him.

Dad finally came outside. I saw him showing and I knew he wanted to take off some heads but was restraining himself. He hugged me and we headed home.

That night, after a quiet dinner, I laid in bed and I knew I wouldn't sleep much. I always dreamed of making my own car and I finally get to do it. I closed my eyes and to my surprise drifted off to sleep.

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