Part 13 - Think before you act

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Shane led the charge towards the barn, Rick was trying to persuade Shane to stop this madness and Lori had taken Sophia and Carl into the house. I followed the ongoing group to try and talk Shane out of this like Rick was. We were guests here and there must be a good reason why Hershel had a load of walkers in the barn... mustn't he?

"SHANE! stop and think for a moment" I marched over confronting him as I walked. "Jess you don't understand, we have to do this... for us! for the group!" he cupped my face with his hands as Rick did a couple of days before, but this time it felt more forced and rough... and what did he mean for us?!? I removed myself from his grasp and backed away quickly "We're guests here! we need to talk to Hershel!" Rick chimed in with agreement. "NO WE DON'T!" everyone began to argue... Rick shouting at Shane, Glenn shouting at T-dog, then everyone was at each others throats. I couldn't take this anymore, since I had been with this group, all we do is argue... "Shut up... all of you" I began to speak quietly, though no one could hear me I still said it in hope that they could. "Shut up.... SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!" My breathing was heavy, everyone stopped what they were doing and silence fell, they all glanced over in my direction, no one knew what to say or think.

We all heard shouting from the distance, we turned our glance to see the whole Greene family sprinting towards us.... CLINK... Shane had broken the chain the kept the barn securely locked so the walkers didn't escape. "Shane no!" Rick screeched but it was too late... there was a mass of the dead flowing out through the barn doors. Everyone who had a gun, by instinct had lined up to execute the dead, I refused to do it as Rick did.

There was an endless surge of walkers, who all looked pretty much the same... but one stood out, like it was someone I recognised... "Oh my god..."

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