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"We all wanted to know

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"We all wanted to know. And thankfuly Jessica Dale stopped at Curefest Washington, DC to answer some few questions. More like confess.

Here is number 1:

Jessica reveals upcoming events...
'I have alot to come.. mostly makeup to my previous tour which I canceled due to some difficulties' (p.s Neels) 'I have new music coming up in a few.. hopefuly. But for now my main focus is modeling and meeting fans' well we are glad to hear that cause she models like an angel!

Number 2:

Neels or Shawn or Justin?
'I hate this' *laughs* 'Why?? Um... all' *laugh* 'really?' We ask 'I mean they all mean the world to me' that is so cute. We know we didn't get alot of gossip threw out that question so we asked the most talked and asked about quedtion.

Number 3:

Jessica Dale reveals if she's still in love with Neels Visser... 'Of course. Always. He meant and would always mean everything to me.. as a friend or not I still love him' I don't know about you but for me that is a hint of their realationship to one another.

Now tell us what you think on the comment section below!! :)"


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