It's a Mess!

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Hey there!

I know that a lot of you guys are waiting patiently for the next update to show up and I'll be the bearer of bad news...It'll take a bit longer for that to happen.

You see, the story that I'm posting here is the unedited version that I post on Radish. But I don't know how it happened, but this story has somehow turned into a damsel in distress story! And I am so mad at myself for writing something like that!

You guys know that my girls in most of my stories, if not completely kickasses, are at least able to stand up for themselves. But the more I write this story, the more I'm finding that all Sana is doing is basically scream and shout and get into trouble while Lance has to literally rise from the death bed to go save her. How the fuck did that happen? I have no clue and it pisses me the fuck off!

So I'm editing the story right from the beginning and I do have a few chapters already edited that I like better than the first draft. So I'm asking for you guys to be a bit patient as you have been for so long and Kindly wait a month so I can update a lot of new chapters. Since the chapters on Radish are paid chapters and they are also being edited by the Radish team, I can't change anything there. But the story I'll be posting here will be a lot better and a lot more different than the original, that much I can promise you!

So stay tuned for a better story by the end of next month...or maybe a bit before that...I don't know, but I'm editing so I hope to get somewhere soon!

Till then! Lovage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

P.S: I'll be changing Sanaya's name as well. It just doesn't suit her anymore.

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