Facts muna tayo ah? :)


1. D.O once said that he really wanted to learn how to make his eyes stop popping out.

2. Luhan is really scared of high places because he thinks its dangerous. (EXO Showtime ep. 7, Cable car)

3. Fan: How tasty the food D.O do for you?

Kai: Did you ever eat spaghetti and faint? That kind of feels.

4. Luhan once told Lay a scary story but Luhan is the one who can't sleep that night.

5. Kris and Chanyeol are the two boys who dislike cleaning the most.

6. Chanyeol's nickname "Happy Virus" was actually invented by his ex-girlfriend.

7. Baekhyun: If I could be a lead in the movie, I want to be the immature second generation in a rich family.

8. Whenever Kai sits together with D.O, he will place one leg on top of D.O's legs.

9. Luhan only knows how to cook ramen with eggs.

10. Sehun doesn't like it when he is called cute. He wants to hear that he is handsome.

11. "I'm a bit jelous of Taemin sunbae who is filming We Got Married." -Lay

12. Lay doesn't get angry easily but when he does, he's the hardest to deal within the group.

13. (Lay's way to propose his girl) "I will make you the happiest girl in the world. Trust me." -Lay

14. Kai only dances in the shower when he is in good mood.

15. "I never know what friendship was, until I met Luhan." -Sehun

16. Lay would date himself if he was a girl.

17. Chen said that Sehun's hair looks like a parrot.

18. Like his nickname (baozi), Xiumin likes eating steamed buns.

19. Chanyeol: When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is ask "Baekhyun, did you sleep well?"

20. Suho is bad at rock, paper, scissors so he always clean after EXO-K members have midnight snacks.

credits: Exocutefacts.tumblr.com

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