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Your POV

"Ughhhhh" I slammed my head against my creaky wooden desk multiple times as the teacher kept droning on and on.

I felt a poke on my shoulder as I turned to see a frowning C/N.

"You okay?" He whispered.


I stared out the window which was luckily beside me. The clouds were grey as if it were about to rain, not a single ray of the sun making it through the clouds.

I've got a major migraine from all the school work teachers are pushing on us. Exams are coming up which is no help either. Tomorrow I've got Favorite Game Practice. We're gonna play our rival school and I really need to win this for my school as the Team Captain. Then I've got to finish my science project on studying electro magnitudes. After that, I've got to finish my English assessment on the history of Rome. I have to finish my math packet and figure out a plan for the Student Council since I'm the president. I also need to write my paragraph for the debate team and practice my Instrument. Then I need to finish studying for exams. I've got Chinese school on Saturday and Spanish school on Sundays so I can't put anything off for the weekend.

How am I gonna do all this?

The bell finally rang as I stood up from the wooden seat. I walked out of the classroom onto the tile floors. Thank God that school's finally over. I walked out of the school campus, carrying some textbooks in my arms since they didn't all fit in my backpack.

"Hey wait up!" I heard a voice yell behind me.

I turned around in the middle of the grey sidewalk, raindrops already starting to fall making patterns on the ground.

A panting C/N stood beside me catching his breath, "Want-" huff, "too-" huff, "walk, home, with me?"


I took out my umbrella, trying to balance my retched books in one arm.

"Here let me take those," C/N said, taking them in his arms.


I opened my umbrella and motioned for him to come under it with me.

"You seem really stressed lately. Are you ok?" C/N asked as the rain started beating on my umbrella.

"Yeah, just a lot of school work. Nothing new," I shrugged.

"Any idea which college you want to attend?" He asked.

"I'm not really sure, I've got to wait and see which schools would accept me. Any idea which college you want to attend?"

"No, I'm just gonna go with the flow."

I scoffed, "That never works for me."

We continued to walk. C/N occasionally jumped into a puddle which I thought was adorable, I just hope he doesn't splash my textbooks.

"This my stop," I said.

"Oh. Well, I guess I'm gonna be a wet dog when I get home, see ya tomorrow!" C/N smiled and turned around to leave.

"Wait!" I blurted out.

C/N turned around, he was already drenched.

"Want to stay at my place while you wait for the rain to die down?" I ask.

"Sure, thanks a lot."

I unlocked my door and swung it open, taking off my shoes before walking inside.

"I've got to finish some projects but make yourself at home," I threw the keys on the table and took the textbooks from his arms. I ran upstairs to my room, taking out all my homework and putting it on the desk.

*Timeskip to 3 LONG hours later*

"Ughhhhhhhh," I banged my head on the table trying to remember the things that I learned in calculas.

"Hey I brought you some stuff," C/N said smiling as he brought in a tray.

It had a cup of tea, some snacks, and a movie. It all looked really appealing.

"I-I really can't right now C/N sorry," I sighed.

"Well too bad you're going to have to. You're working yourself too hard you need a break. Come on just one movie."

I looked at him.

"Please?" He gave me a cute face.

"Fiiiine." I gave in.

We went under a blanket on my bed as he put it a movie. I was so thankful for C/N. He always manages to bring a smile to my face even when I'm stressed.
Thanks for reading. Ima go to sleep now so baiiiiiiii.

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