Ch. 32 Happily As Friends, At Least One Of Us Are..

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

After that incident, Ayla and I started to become friends again and start to hang out everyday.

I turned on my camera.


Ayla jumps on my back.

"Good morning!" She smiles at the camera.

"Have you seen the comments, Ayla?" I hold on to her legs.

"No, why?" She looks at the camera confused.

"The logang, and the aylasters have been commenting-"

"Oh god what have you guys been doing.."

She interrupted me again, typical Ayla.

"Thanks for interrupting me." I looked at her, rolling my eyes.

"You're welcome." She smiled, and got off my back.

I grabbed onto her leg so she couldn't get off.

"Where do you think you're going?" I smirked at the camera.

"I'm getting down?" She frowned.

"Oh no, not this time Ayla Woodruff." I winked at the camera.

"Let me down, Logan." She demanded.

"Since when did I listen to you?" I frowned at her.

"Let. me. down."

"Nope." I smiled.

"Hold tight." I looked at her.

"Wait why-"

I started running fast.

She held onto my chest so tightly.


I jumped onto the love sacs.

Ayla went flying.

She fell right on top of me.

She had her hands on my chest, I had my hand on her hip, and her leg, she had her legs wrapped around me.

She turned a bright pink.

"Ohhhh, she's blushing!!" I yelled.

"I made her blush!!" I got up, Ayla fell on the love sacs face first.

"Thanks a lot, Logan." She sarcastic said.

"No problem." I smiled.

I turned off the camera.

She sat up, and went on her phone.

She was looking at Instagram.

I sat beside her.

"Whatcha looking at Aylaaaa."

She looked at me, and hid her phone.


I raised one eyebrow.


Her eyes widen.

"Ew, what the hell Logan!"

I smirked.


She hit my arm.


I giggled.

"Then what were you looking at?"

She looked away.

"Hm, I don't know.."

I turned her head to me.

"Tell me."

She sighed.

"I've been seeing this guy.."

My heart broken into a million pieces.


"What's his name?"

She smiled a bit.


I looked down.

"Oh, nice."

"Hey, I have to go. I have plans with Mackenzie, I'll see you later Logyyy." She kissed my forehead.

I didn't move.


She walked out of my house, I put my hands behind my head.

I sigh, and decided to go work out.

I put on my black tank top, and my grey shorts.

I grabbed my wireless head phones, and my phone.

I grabbed my keys, and walked to my gym.

When I got there I put my water beside me, and put on my head phones. I put on help me help you.

I went on the treadmill, and started running.

After a hour I got off, I went to lift.

I lied down on the mat, and took the lift off the holder.

I lifted for about 30 minutes.

~ After the gym. ~

I went back home, plopped down on my bed, I was lying on my stomach. I opened up Instagram, I got a new notification from Ayla. She posted something new. I clicked on it, and my eyes started tearing up..

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