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This is an original work I wrote for a class. I just wanted to post it because I can... So hyeah

 So hyeah

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A sleepy yawn escaped the young woman as she drove down the long stretch of open road before her. It was early morning and the sun had yet to begin its rise into the sky. She wore a royal blue polo shirt with the collar flopped untidily around her neck. There was an iron-on patch on the left side, just beneath her shoulder that read 'Mickey's Gas 'n Go' in bright gold letters. Just beneath it a scratched gold toned plastic name tag hung sideways from her shirt, her name, Claire printed on a little strip of white sticker in bold black letters.

It was apparent by the soft droop of her eyelids, and her lank blonde hair that she had only just managed to escape her workplace. Tired as she was though she drove on, her large SUV bobbing and swaying as it traversed the overused, under-repaired road. The music that played was more a background sound than anything loud enough to be intelligible and her heat blasted full-on, not only to deter the fog creeping upon the interior of her window but also to protect from the cool bite of the air outside.

Claire spotted the glowing tail lights of the car ahead first. A thick fog had settled across the road in the early morning chill and she hesitated with her foot over the brake for a long second in hesitation. She slowed, the press of her foot on the brake intermittent until she pulled alongside the stalled vehicle. A careful hesitance stole over her as she gazed at the black car with its driver's door ajar on the side of the road.

As she rolled her window down, just a crack to hear the sounds outside, she could feel the cold of the outdoors caress her face despite her blasting heater. The only sounds that could be heard were the low bass of music and the ding of a car with an ajar door and the keys still hanging in the ignition. She squinted into the fog in search of the car's driver and heaved a breath at the empty fog that seemed to envelope her and her own vehicle.

She wondered if perhaps the person had set off on foot, but then why would they leave the door open and lights on? Claire lowered the window just the slightest bit more and pressed the lower half of her face up closer to the gap.

"Hello, is anyone out there?" She called softly into the chilled air. Her lips pursed in concentration as she lowered her head and pressed her ear closer to the gap now. No words greeted her in return and she felt her stomach clench.

The dinging of the open door seemed to fade to the thickening fog. Without truly thinking about what she was doing she unfastened her seat-belt and worried her bottom lip. Her hand lingered of the door handle for a moment as she considered what she was doing. She lowered her hand and with the clarity of mind to move her car from the roadway before she did something foolish like leap out into the cool morning air she released the brake and allowed her own vehicle to ease forward. Pulling off to the side of the road she stopped in front of the car and pressed the gear shift into park, its headlights lightning the interior of her own vehicle, and took a deep breath. Shaking hands rolled up the window as she thought about her options for another long moment.

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