Chapter One

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The sounds of whispers and hushed tones woke Da Fan up. The first thing that entered her sight was the crimson veil of the bed curtains.

This brought Da Fan back come to her senses, as she clearly recognized this as her bridal bed chambers. The pain and discomfort reminded her that she was now the second wife of Feng Huang.

Thinking about last night, Da Fan couldn't help but blush.

"Are you awake, Second Madam?" Meirin, her personal maid, sounded out.

"Yes." Meirin approached the bed supporting Da Fan as her mistress got down from it and into the tub which was quickly being filled with hot water by a group of servants.

After the bath, Meirin brushed Da Fan's hair, fixing her hair into a bun usually worn by married women.

"What time is it now?" Da Fan asked Meirin.

"Almost nine in the morning, mistress."

"So late? What of my husband?"

The ever stoic Meirin began to blush. "Master left the bridal bed around seven, Madam. He told us servants to let you sleep. He paid his respects to the Old Madam already and left for court."

Da Fan frowned. Usually, the husband and wife would pay their respects together. Seeing the frown on her mistress's face, Meirin couldn't help but be angered. The husband leaving the bridal chambers the next day without paying respects to the parents together with the wife spoke of the disfavor for the wife.

Meirin couldn't help but be worried about her mistress, especially with a first wife already in the house.


"No worries, Meirin," Da Fan replied to Meirin after seeing her worried expression. "Let's go. I need to pay my respects to the Old Madam and the first wife."

Seeing the elegance and confidence of her mistress who was proud with dignity, Meirin smiled. Being a second wife would worry anyone, especially one married to the future Minister of Defense. However, that's a story for the future.

"Yes, mistress!" Meirin hurried after her mistress.


Meanwhile, in another courtyard.

"So husband left and paid his respects before that slut? As expected, a whore from a minor official can't compare."

Such harsh words were spoken from the mouth of a lady, the first wife of the Feng household. Even the head servant was surprised by the Madam Cong Wei Yang's mouth.

The black haired, heart-shaped face beauty of the capital was known to be a woman of virtue. Even when a second wife was married to her husband just short of a year after her own marriage to the Feng Household.

Learning about the disinterest her husband, Feng Huang, had for his new bride, Cong Wei Yang was happy.

"Let's go, I want to see the new Second Madam. I have to welcome my new little sister into the mansion.

The servant shivered at the evilness in the First Madam's eyes.


Da Fan followed a servant as she leads the way to the Old Madam's courtyard. Meirin followed behind her, noting the pathways.

When she reached the Old Madam's Courtyard, Da Fan stopped outside, waiting for her to call her inside. As she entered, Da Fan saw a regal looking gray-haired woman seated in the middle of the room with a black-haired beauty beside her.

That must be the first wife, Da Fan said to herself.

The aura of the Old Madam was as legendary as the stories said. During the political instability that gripped the Empire more than thirty years ago, the Old Madam was a noteworthy figure in her own way. Old Madam Feng Wu Shan was a lead figure in fighting back invaders from the old capital providence before her husband, the General, came to the rescue.

Her bravery earned her the respect and admiration of both the common people and even some of the empire's nobility.

"Come, come child. Welcome to the Feng family." The Old Madam sounded sincere and true like she was happy to see Da Fan. "You must be tired after your wedding night. You should have rested more."

Da Fan bowed slightly to the Old Madam and Cong Wei Yang. "Da Fan greets Old Madam and First Madam; wishing you both great prosperity."

The Old Madam smiled and waved away Da Fan's greeting, beckoning her to sit in the seat beside her.

Da Fan sat beside the Old Madam, Feng Wu Shan, and watched Cong Wei Yang's rather cold expression.

"Welcome to the Feng Household, Little Sister." Cong Wei Yang greeted her as if she was a guest, not staying long.

"Thank you for welcoming Dan Fan into the Feng family, First Madam."

Da Fan was cordial as ever, reminding Cong Wei Yang that she was family.

The Old Madam smiled once more at Da Fan, liking her humble words. Although Dan Fan was a second wife that needed to be humble, at the same time, it didn't mean she should let the First Madam walk all over her.

"Daughter-in-law is humble," Madam Feng Wu Shan commented. "Drink with this old lady."

Da Fab smiled into the tea cup Meirin, who was standing behind her, handed to her. She watched the cold expression on Cong Wei Yang's face before turning to engage in a conversation with the Old Madam.

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