Elysia Wright

"Happy Birthday" I walked into Meagan room with a cupcake

She rolled over in her bed looking at me " good morning"

"Eww morning breath"

"What you expect you come in here while I'm sleep and sit right in front of me" she laughed getting out of her bed

"You right I should have thought it through" she walked into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth

"Ya girl twenty four " she twerked holding on to the counter

"Finally catching up " I laughed

"Forget you " she walked back into the room

"Blow out the candle" I held the cupcake up to her with my phone in the other hand recording on snap

She closed her eyes to make a wish then blew it out " Thank you best friend"

"You welcome I'm going to get your gifts I'll be right back" handing her the cupcake I went into my room and grabbed the gifts I bought her and the ones Sean sent I called him on FaceTime while I was on my way back into her room

"Hello" he came into the camera making faces

"Eww you ugly! What you doing ? " I asked seeing him in the car

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"Eww you ugly! What you doing ? " I asked seeing him in the car

"Nothing about to go in to open the shop. Meagan up?" Sean had his own tattoo shop that's what I loved about the three of us Meagan loved doing nails and she's working on opening her own shop , Sean always been into tattoos and have his own shop , and I'm into fashion and hoping to have my shop when I move back.

"Yeah I'm walking into her room now" entering her room again she was getting a wedgie out

"Nasty ass" Sean yelled since I had switched the camera around

She jerked her head back so fast I know she gave her self whiplash

"Sean" she grabbed my phone switching the camera back to the front as she talked to him I sat everything down on her bed

"Look at your gifts I want to see you open them before I go in" he told her

"Ooo you got me a gift I promise I got the best friends ever" she squealed before coming over to the bed I propped the phone up on a pillow

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