Chapter 30

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Zayn P.O.V.

It had been four days in this hell hole and I was slowly dying. They brought us bread and water every five hours and then slammed the door and we were left to our thoughts for the rest of existence.

I had tried thinking up ways to escape but... I literally hit a brick wall. Literally.

I felt so useless, just sitting here wondering what my family was doing, waiting to be rescued.

Ugh, feeling cramped I shuffled up from my slumped position against the wall. I rubbed a hand soothingly over my sore neck and sighed wondering once again when I'll ever get out of here... Or if for that matter.

Suddenly there was a bang on the wall. I got up and made my way over to the little bathroom thing in the corner. I still had bonds on but it was getting increasingly easier to live with them on. Eating was still slightly troublesome but yeah.

As I approached the bathroom another bang went. I entered it cautiously, staying away from the wall when suddenly the whole thing collapsed. I jumped backwards, screaming, holding my arms over my face as I fell to the ground.

I looked up through the rubble to see a mess of purple hair and a face looking up at me grinning.

"Hi!" Perrie breathed.

"Pezza!" I cried running forward to envelope her in a hug. We stayed there for minutes until out of the corner of my eye I saw Jade attempting to remove herself from the rubbish.

"Oh, hold one..." I said and helped move some rubble off of Jade so she could get out.

"How did you guys... I thought the wall was solid..." I stuttered, utterly bemused.

"So did we, until I fell into it and it sort of wobbled. Turns out these walls aren't as stable as what meets the eye!" Jade explained, smiling happily.

"Right, so what do we do now? I don't know if any of the guards would've heard that..." I said. Their smiles fella s they realised they hadn't really got a plan.

"Well... Er... I guess we're still working on that..." Jade mumbled.

"OH NO! WE DO HAVE A PLAN!" Perrie exclaimed.

"We do?" Jade asked, looking at her incredulously.

"Yes... We do," Perrie smirked slyly and proceeded in telling us.

Harry P.O.V.

So the last four days have been alright I guess. I mean I'm doing all right but all the constant worrying over my friends and Louis have really been getting me down.

They hybrids are amazing. Their speech and mental abilities are great - Cher must be a really good teacher.

It was nice being with them all but I hated being here. I had missed my friends and I had hoped we would be like this... Outside of here... But no. Once again, I was trapped in hell but this time, there really was no way out.

I wondered what the others were doing. Had they been killed? Or had they escaped? There was now ay of me knowing, and left me once again, where I was now. Sitting, back to the wall, head lulled back, waiting for something to happen or someone to rescue me.

I wanted nothing more than to get out of here and be with my friends and Louis again. Louis. Imissed him so much. I don't think I could've stressed enough over the past few days my need to be with him and get out of here.

Soon enough, Cher came to sit by me. For a minute she didn't say anything, just copied my position and sat there but eventually she spoke up.

"It isn't that bad here, you know," she said. I glanced over at her.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that, I know you hate it here and you have and awful lot of bad memories but we've kind of accepted this is all we'll ever have in life and maybe... Maybe you should too..."

"No Cher!" I cried. "I want more than this! I know what it's like inside, then and now and I hate it. Maybe even more because I've come back. I've seen what it's like outside and now I never want to be in again but I am and I hate it! I'm not about to give up - my friends are still out there and I know that they will still be going, they'll still be fighting to get out. It's just a matter of time until it's our turn. Just like last time, we will get out."

Cher sighed and resumed her position from earlier.

"Times have changed, Harry. There are no cages anymore. We don't even have a window. Nothing to climb on, nothing to get out of."

"You can't just give up Cher!" My voice came out anguish and laced with tears. She sighed again.

"I'm not saying we have. I'm just saying maybe it's time to accept that one day, we might have to." And with that she got up and left me to my thoughts.

All the other hybrids were playing and chatting and practicing maths or writing. I internally screamed in anguish. There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to sit and be alone. I wasn't even allowed to cry. I would look awful in front of the rest of them. I rammed my fist against the floor and threw my head back, closing my eyes and returning to my position once more.

When are we getting out of here? I thought. We have to... Right? Fate isn't going to just... Leave us in here?

As much as I tried to tell myself it was ok, a small, patronising voice in the back of my head told me fate doesn't decide everything. Seven million people in the world - it can't be just to every one of them.

I clenched my eyes even further, letting the possibility of never getting out again boil up and engulf me in a world of loss and hopelessness.

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