Chapter Two: The Girl Problem (Short)

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(This is the only thing girl can understand, THE PERIOD! DUH,DUH,DUH!)

Y/n's Pov:

"Ugh, why now?!?!" "Y/n is everything ok?" "No..." I whimper to my dad's. "Y/n can we come in?" "Don't let Clyde in." "Ok" Dad's open the door to see my pants with blood on them. " Aw. It's ok i had sister's to." "Howard can you go get some pads for Y/n?" "Sure, Ill back." "Stay here, Im going to go get you some pants." "Ok dad." Dad walked out of the bathroom and i hear my brother to talk. "Y/n are you ok?" "No..." "You want me to help?" "No girl problems, but could you ask Luan to come over?" "Sure?" (1 hour later)

"thx Luan for making me feel better!" "Nope problem Y/n! I better go home" "Night!" "Y/N can you tell me what's wrong?" "Clyde come here im going to tell you what going on with Y/n" (15 mins later)

"Y/n I know what's wrong..." "Did they tell you?" "Yeah." "Can you please not tell any of the guys?" "Sure Sis, Sure."

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