Chapter Forty-Two - Dead of the Night

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Four hours had passed and still no sign of a conscious Jacobi. My anxiety grew with each passing minute. What if he didn't wake up?

I no longer had Julia's warm presence or Connor's reassuring smiles to get me by. Dr. Perkins had come into the room a couple of hours ago and had urged everybody to leave and give Jacobi some space. I was an exception to those orders; Perkins even thought my presence would help Jacobi heal faster. I wouldn't have left, even if he'd asked me to but at the same time, tormenting thoughts gnawed at my brain and I couldn't help but imagine the worst. Jacobi could really disappear from my life for good.

I couldn't stand it.

I held his hand firmly in my own, slightly reassured that it was warm. There was still life in him. "Wake up, Jacobi. Please." I begged in a ragged whisper, my voice no longer the same after having cried for such a long time. Tears welled in my eyes all over again.

Jacobi's mom had come into the room half an hour ago to check on us. She sat with me for a few minutes to catch me up on the details of the attack. Our assailants had been Darcy's mother and a few of their followers. I wasn't surprised, Darcy was her son she would obviously do everything she could to get him back. What rubbed me the wrong way about the situation was that Darcy had been in on our attack. He'd purposely provoked the guards watching him to get injured. He'd known we were out of the castle, having felt my presence grow weak, and assumed correctly that I was with Jacobi. He knew that if he got hurt, I'd feel it too and we would rush back to get help. That was when Darcy's mother and their allies ambushed us in the forest.

The only thing I didn't understand was how Darcy alerted them we were alone in the forest. The Queen was wondering the same thing. It was possible that somebody in the castle was a rat. The King was questioning all the staff right now, trying to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Darcy's saviours were locked up in cells, awaiting trial. It was very likely they'd be put down; nobody attacked the Prince of werewolves and got away with it.

I woke with a jolt when I heard a creaking noise. My head shot up in excitement, thinking Jacobi had finally regained consciousness.

Dread made my blood run cold. Darcy's mother stood in front of me. Her chilling face forever haunting my dreams. She held a knife to Jacobi's throat, ready to end his life for good.

"You either get up slowly and silently and come with me. Or, say goodbye to your precious prince." She hissed, rolling the handle of the knife in her hand slowly, playing with Jacobi's life like it meant nothing.

My heart pounded. "I'll c-come with you." I didn't have to think twice.

The woman grinned coldly and stashed the knife away, instead grabbing my forearm with enough force to leave a bruise. "I thought you'd say that." She pulled me up against her, covering my mouth with her palm. "Not a sound."

How the hell had she escaped her cell? Where were all the guards?

She shoved me out of Jacobi's bedroom and into the dark, vacant hallway.

A bone-chilling howl split the silence of the night. It was followed by at least a dozen more howls, coming from every side of the castle. Darcy's mother shoved us into a closet and shut the door with a firm click.

"Code red! Code red!" People screamed, footsteps pounding on the floor. The silent castle had woken and was filled with noise, screams and panic. What the hell was going on?

"Station guards at the princes and princess's rooms immediately!" A deep, male voice bellowed. "Everybody else to the main floor and await orders from Styles and the King! Go, go, go!"

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