6: The First Kiss

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After grabbing a bunch of food from the kitchen, the three went into the living to discuss the work day.

"Mabel, you take over the Gift Shop with Bill and I'll restock merchandise." Dipper said.

Mabel gave him a thumbs up. "You got it."

"What do I do in the Gift Shop?" Bill asked.

"I'll show you what to do." Mabel looked at him.

Bill gave her a thumbs up and followed her into the Gift Shop, where people were already in line to buy items.

"People actually buy this stuff?" Bill shook a snow globe.

"Yes, they do as a matter of fact." Mabel grabbed Bill's hand and yanked it.

Mabel sat down at the register while Bill stood next to her.

"Just watch what I do." Mabel told Bill.

As Mabel rang up the merchandise, took the money, and gave customer's their change, Bill was hopelessly confused on how money works.

When the last customer left, Bill threw his hands up in the air. "I don't understand this money concept! It's just paper! And you use it to buy stuff?"

"Our world is completely different than yours, Bill." Mabel shrugged.


Then there was silence, an awkward kind of silence. Mabel glanced at Bill, who looked at her back.

"What is it?" Bill asked.

Mabel looked away quickly, shaking her head. "It's nothing. I was just...spacing off."

Then Mabel felt Bill's fingers gently tilt her chin up towards him. He looked at her eyes, making her blush.


"I can sense how you feel about me, Mabel." Bill smiled cutely.

"H-how do you know?"

"Instincts." Bill shrugs.

Mabel could feel her face turning red.

"Don't be embarrassed." Bill released his hand. "I'm having the same feelings about you too."

"I don't understand." Mabel shook her head. "We just seen each other today as friends. How can we feel this way so quickly?"

"How do you not understand? I may be a demon but," Bill took Mabel's hand, "I know the concept of 'love at first sight'."

"Bill.." Mabel froze.

Bill stroked her cheek with his hand before slowly leaning closer to Mabel. She closed her eyes and felt his lips gently press against hers. It was such a romantic moment. Bill petted her hair while Mabel wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling them closer and making their kiss more passionate.

They both broke apart for air and looked at one another. Bill smiled and put a strand of loose hair behind Mabel's ear.

Mabel smiled back at him.


Alarmed, Mabel and Bill quickly turned their heads towards the "Employee's Only" door, where Dipper was standing with his jaw dropped and a bunch of merchandise scattered on the floor.

"H-hey, Dipper," Mabel nervously laughed, "we...need more...bobble heads stocked..haha.."

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