Ch. 30 The Rebound.

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

The next morning.

I wake up, to find Brianna laying next to me still sleeping.

I had my arms around her, I took my arms off her, and got up.

I went in the kitchen and made coffee, I took a sip and checked twitter.

I checked twitter and I my phone was blowing up.


I'm dating the best guy in the world! ❤️ @loganpaul

❤️ 59K Likes 💬 4K Comments 🔁 87K Retweets

My eyes widen, and I spit out my coffee.

"What the fuck?!!"

"Good morning baby." Brianna walked over to me and pecked my lips.

She was wearing a black bra and black underwear, she was also wearing one of my shirts for suits.

"Why did you post this?" I shoved the phone in her face.

I was furious, she was pissing me off. Everything has been pissing me off.

"We are dating aren't we babe?" She smiled.

"No we aren't." I frowned.

"I'm doing this for Ayla, because I love her."

"You need to learn that I don't love you, I love Ayla. That's who I want to fucking marry a bs spend the rest of my life with."

"And you ruined it, thanks to you're plan. Hope you got what you wanted." I looked away angrily.

She was silent.

Then she started laughing.

"Do you think I care?"

"I'm gonna make you're life a living hell."

"Not if I do it first." I looked in her eyes.

"Oh Logy, you can't do anything. You have to listen to me, or she dies." She giggled.

"I love you Logy." She came closer to me and touched my cheek.

"And I don't, now fuck off." I pushed her away.

She fell on the fridge.

I ran into my room, and got changed.

I ran out and ran to Ayla's house.

Brianna starts running after me.

I knock on Ayla's door, there was no answer. I knock again, I noticed the door was open. I opened it, and nobody was there.

I texted Ayla,

L- Where you at Ayla?
L- cmon it's serious please answer..
A- Logan I'm sorry for lot believing you!!
L- What do you mean?

Brianna came in with a knife, closed Ayla's door, and locked it.

"You can't run now, Logy."

"You are fucking crazy." I backed up.

"You need to listen to me." She walked toward me slowly.

"Do not move any closer."

When she took another step closer to me, I ran up to her, and jumped over her head.

She fell on the ground, flinching.

"Bye Brianna the bitch!" I opened the door and ran.

L- Where you at Ayla?
A- Im in this dark room in this house.
L- Share you're location.
A- Okay.

She shared her location.

I drove to the location, I snuck in the back, and opened the door.

I saw a gun on the table, I grabbed it and ran downstairs.

A- Are you here?
L- Yes I'm coming down stairs.
A- No they are there!

I looked up, I was down stairs.

There were two guys looking at me.

"Hey fellas!" I smiled, and ran upstairs.

They ran after me.

I ran upstairs and hid in a room, I locked it and hid in this closet.

It was really dark.

"Logan?" I heard a whisper.

"Ayla?!" I looked at her.

She was wearing luxury, and she had cuts and bruises on her.

"Cmon, let's go." I opened the door quietly.


I didn't listen to her, I walked her over to the window.

The door opened, and the guys looked at us.

I grabbed Ayla's hand.

"Just jump." I said.

"Are you crazy?!" She said.

"We have no choice."

"Jump!" I jumped out the high window.

Ayla jumped, we landed in the pool. We saw them look out the window and run fast.

"Ayla hurry! We don't have a lot of time!" I got out of the pool.

"Let's go!" Ayla started running.

I ran beside her, holding her hand.

We got in my car and started driving back to my house.

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