33~Working out Old Beliefs.

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Dylan's POV

"Hey Dylan, it's me um... Rebecca is here worried about you, I'm not, but she is. Can you please call her when you get this message?"I listen to Marie-Anne's voicemail. She went to great lengths to explain to me Rebecca is the one who is worried. I don't know why Rebecca is even worried, she's the one who said to call her when I'm done being a jerk and I am not done being a jerk yet.

People act like just because they yell at you, telling you what you're doing is wrong you're going to fix yourself. No matter how much Marie-Anne or Rebecca yelled at me, my beliefs are not going to change. That's why I left, to see the only person who can possibly change my mind. The person who gave me the idea that having kids is a bad idea. The person who made me swear to myself I would never have a kid just so he or she can end up like my siblings and me.

"You have to leave your belongings," the person at the desk says as he reaches me in the line.

"Sure," I say putting my phone and everything in my pocket in the box. A guard then comes taking me to a room telling me to wait. I take a seat at the round table waiting for the woman I once called my mother to come out. The other door opens, a guard comes out holding her arm while her hands are in handcuffs, she has an orange jumpsuit on just like I imagined.

I haven't seen her in eight years, I can't believe how much she's changed. I guess prison changes someone, her blonde hair is already turning gray. Her skin is wrinkled up when she sees me her jaw drops. She takes a seat across from me while the guard backs up standing by the door. She reaches her hand to touch mines which were on the table. I quickly pull my hands away, the guard scratches his throat yelling, "no touching!"

"When they told me Argent was here to see me, I thought it was your brother," she says starting a conversation. "You and your sister never come to see me in here, not even your father comes."

"Sarah was at your birthday that your son planned from you," I say emphasizing on the son part. I told her not to consider me as her son and I will make sure to remind her of it every second. "She doesn't live here anymore and can you blame father for not wanting to see you?" I ask her. She lied to my father for over twenty-five years, she broke his heart. I think he had enough of her, it's his time to be happy.

"I see that you're still bitter," she says, "What brought you here?" She asks me.

"I have my reasons, did you ever want kids?" I ask her. She looks up at me looking like she is thinking about it.

"No, but your father always wanted kids," she informs me.

"Were you at least happy when you had them?"

"Yeah, I remember the first time I saw your brother's face. The first time I held him, I realized I had given birth to this angel, the truth is you never know how much you want kids until you have them," she says sounding honest for a moment. "Why are you so interested in kids, anyway?" She asks getting back to her usual self. I was expecting her to say no or to say she hated kids, but her answer surprised me.

"If you were so happy to have us, why treat us like crap?" I ask her. She didn't necessarily treat us like crap, but she didn't act like a mother. Nannies had to raise us and we barely got to see her, play with her even though she was always home. My dad used to play football with Adam and I every Sunday and take us to a game whenever he had a chance, he tried to be in our lives.

Whenever my mother would interfere in our lives it would be to control it. We had to act how she wanted, do what she wanted, wear what she wanted, and act how she wanted. We were her minions and nothing else. All I know is I don't want to treat my kids like she treated us.

"Hey, I said I was happy, not a good mother," she says raising her index finger up, however, it failed miserably because of her handcuffs. "Truth is, I raised you guys how I thought was right, that's how my mother raised me." She adds. "And that's why I moved out of Alaska and pretended they were dead, I left the house as soon as I was eighteen and never looked back. I was tired of my mother telling me what to do, she always told me how to act saying a man will never marry you if you act this way," she says mocking her mother's voice.

"I was raised to get a man, it was my main goal. Graduate high school and get married," now I feel bad for her. I can't imagine being raised like she was. Who raises their daughter just to get a man?

"If you knew how it felt, why do it to us?" I ask her. I would think because she knows how it feels, she would treat us differently, I thought she would break the cycle. "Why treat us like your little minions?"

"I messed up, your father suggested to get a nanny after your brother was born and when she looked like she was doing a good job, I let her do her job. It felt easier, all I had to do was yell instructions to you guys," she says. "I'm sorry I messed up in raising you guys.

I open my mouth to say something,"time's up!" The guard yells.

"Dyl, I'm sorry," my mother says. The guard comes taking my mother's hand, I watch as she leaves the room. "I'm sorry about everything."

I walk out of the room, the man at the front desk hands me back my stuff, I open my phone seeing four new missed calls from Rebecca. This girl won't stop calling me, I open my contacts lists tapping on Marie-Anne's name. I think I am ready to talk to her now. I press the call button, the phone rings a couple of times before she answers, "you know Rebecca is the one worrying about you right?" She asks. I chuckle, she couldn't even say hello, she has to let me know she isn't worried about me. It makes me feel like she is worried about me.

"I'm sorry," I tell her honestly, "I'm sorry about how I acted and telling you to get an abortion. It was childish of me, I should have been civilized about it," I blurt out to her. I should have called to tell her this ever since I left her building.

"I'm not saying I am happy about it, but I promise to try and I promise to be there for you."

"Dylan I..." she starts.

"I'm not done," I cut her off, "Marie-Anne, I love you and I won't let my stupidity stand in the way of us raising our kid together."


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