Part 12 - Is it Tuesday? or Thursday?

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Last time I checked it was a Tuesday... or was it a Thursday? I was never good at keeping track of the days of the week when the world was normal, let alone now... oh I'll ask Andrea, she kept a calendar to keep track of the days... Anyway, a few more days had past and I was fit enough to go back with the group now, Hershel had told me before I left that I was better and he was going to ask Rick to leave, as we had pretty much out stayed our welcome as I was well enough to walk about unaided. I had offered to do it, which he agreed to. This had caused me to express a deep sigh of despair, we were going to get kicked off this little corner of the world that I called heaven.

Everyone for the exception of Glenn were having breakfast as I emerged out of the house and made my way down to camp. I saw Rick and can't help but think about that kiss that we shared. We hadn't really talked to each other after that, tensions were high and it wouldn't have helped Lori's out burst about telling me to keep away from Rick, but I had to talk to him.

"Rick?" he glance shifted to mine immediately, Lori was next to him. I'm guessing they made up, but her stare was piercing, she was looking at me like I had stepped on a puppy or something. "Rick I need to talk to--" "There are walkers in the barn!" Glenn chimed in making our heads turn in his direction. I was speechless and averted my eyes towards the barn, as soon as I knew my legs were taking me towards the barn, I was halfway there. What would happen if they escaped?... well... there's only one answer they would mutilate us until there was nothing left...

I reached the barn and studied it for a moment, there was a gap between the large wooden doors that encased the contents of the barn. I placed my eye near the gap and peered into the seamlessly empty barn, I looked around but could see nothing. A walkers distorted face appeared and tried to grab me by slipping its fingers through the thin gap between the door. "They in there? how many" I jumped and swivelled on the spot to see Shane. "Yeah they are... there's lots" I didn't know what else to say, I had been sleeping in the very house that had a barn full of walkers on its doorstep, the all to familiar feeling of insecurity had crept upon me once again.

Shane stomped off screaming Ricks name... Oh dear this can't end well, I tailed Shane back to the camp, where he was to confront Rick. Upon walking back, Shane had walked straight past Rick not acknowledging his existence at all. He had collected the big black sheriffs bag of guns and began to distribute them between the group members. Shane approached me and handed me a handgun, but I refused to take it and crossed my arms over my chest."What?!... you saw it yourself! there are loads in there and your just gonna sit around and do nothing?!?" he had him face in mine, trying to increase his intimidation factor so I would do as I was told... no way. "We are guests here we need to talk it over with Hershel! there must be a good reason why they've been stuff into that barn!" I argued back but Shane just huffed in frustration and walked off into the direction of the barn, locked and loaded.

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