Chapter 24

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Every morning was the same that week.

Every day was fucking torturous.

The third morning that I went down for breakfast and Heather was already there with her 500 watt smile secured permanently on her lips and her hands roaming endless circles across Dominic's back as he cooked at the stove was the last day that I went down for breakfast.

It had only been one week, six days to be exact, of living in the Reed household and already I was considering giving into insanity and swan diving off a bridge.

I had never felt such a hate for any other human being, never even though it possible to loath something so completely, but Heather had proved me otherwise.

Heather was playing a game she knew very well. She was particularly skilled in the games of the heart. She knew the ins and outs of how to inflict the maximum amount of pain with a minimum effort. She was versed in the conniving attributes needed to squash out her opponents until there was no fight left in them at all.

She made it her daily mission to get under my skin, to push the dagger deeper into my chest with every chance conveivable. She missed not a single opportunity to burn me with her position in the household.

The position of mother and wife; something I could never dream of competing with.

She used Maya's presence whenever it was applicable. The more times Maya was in the room with both Dominic and I, the more opportunities Heather had to dote all over Dominic, to touch and kiss him as much as she pleased.

Dominic took every chance to find a way out of her unwanted affections, but sometimes, there simply weren't enough excuses to opt out.

The last few days had been mundane and miserable. I woke in the mornings, waited until my stomach was ravaged enough to the point where I would peek my head outside of my bedroom door, call for Charlotte and that was her cue to bring me whatever food was left over from breakfast.

After that, I would bide my time in my room, playing with Charlotte or reading until I heard the front door close shut, signaling me that Heather and Dominic had left for work and the coast was clear to move downstairs. Maya, Charlotte, and I would spend the days together and it was the only silver lining as of late. Mrs. Sharon was too close to labor and put on bed rest until the delivery of her baby so the timing couldn't have worked out better to be homed at the house where my job takes place.

As the clock struck 6pm on those days, a twist of my stomach would coincide as I knew my time for freedom and fun was over as either Heather or Dominic would soon be home and I would be forced to retreat back to the safety of my bedroom for the remainder of the night.

Dominic tried to make the best of the god-awful living situation Heather had ensued. He tried to bring me breakfast. He tried to visit at night. He even attempted to stay home from work one day to force me to interact with him without the looming company of his soon to be ex-wife.

His attempts were feeble.

I ignored every knock on my door that wasn't from a tiny hand of one of the two children in the house. I would lock my door and pretend to be fast asleep on those nights that I would hear a faint twist of my locked door knob, a twist that longed for entry into my room.

It wasn't right and I knew I couldn't be upset with him, but I couldn't seem to handle speaking with Dominic in any capacity that wasn't professional that week.

He had done nothing wrong, but I was hurting and distancing myself is my only way of defense against emotions I'm unequipped to deal with.

I knew that if he did get me alone, just the two of us in the intimate confines of my bedroom he would want to kiss me, touch me, hold me.

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