One Law

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There is no Bible for Paganism. There may have been once, but Christian missionaries were taught to destroy all sacred objects, writings, stones, and groves they found anywhere in the world for hundreds of years and thus much of the history of our religion is gone. But I don't believe there was ever the equivalent of a Bible for Pagans.

No one book with thousands of pages, made up of stories written by men, probably well meaning men with good intentions, perhaps men moved by spirit. If the Ten Commandments were followed to the letter by every peoples on earth, I agree, the earth would probably be a much nicer place. Over hundreds of years the words were recopied, translated, re-translated, re-interpreted, by well meaning men for the most part, although there is no doubt that at times the Church was involved in the politics of world power and domination, and used religion to control their worshipers. In fact, in the U.S. today they are involved in attempting to control a nation by controlling its government. But that's a whole 'nother rant.

This is my point - there are hundreds of versions of the Bible, thousands more interpretations, with millions of words to interpet, almost any meaning can be wrung out of them if you try hard enough.

Paganism has ONE LAW.


Every Pagan knows it.

It is short and sweet, and isn't open to different interpretations. Its pretty cut and dried.

In its shortest version, here it is:

Karma Works

There are longer and prettier ways to say it, like;

All that you do returns to you, times three (or seven).

If you distill all the New Age, motivational, personal growth writings you read in a lifetime (I read a lot of them, I like them), they all come down to exactly the same thing. They say it slightly different, they say;

What you put out, is what you get back.

Christians, in fact, have this law as well, though you don't hear it used very much anymore, at least I haven't. Theirs is called The Golden Rule and goes like this;

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

And now we have the Law of Attraction which says;

Like Attracts Like

The point is basically the same. And if you truly believe this one law, and live with this one law in mind every single moment of every day, you'll see a change, you will see the difference in your life. You'll feel a difference in your head.

Because if karma works - then you'll think twice before you deliver that scathing remark. What will be the consequences? Will you damage that persons spirit, or heart? What if someone said that to you? You'll definitely think twice before you steal, or lie, or hurt someone. Because sooner or later, that negative energy is going to come back to you, and you know it. Maybe you won't be stolen from, lied to, or hurt, but that negativity will come back to rest on you, it's a promise.

Keeping that law in mind, and going through life, you will come to see that it works. Every time.

One example (among many in my own life): A person once failed to pay me as agreed for work I had done for him. My friends all suggested I do something to him to damage his property or steal what I was owed as I knew him well and had keys to his home. I refused to do so, insisting that karma would work out the details. Yes, I was angry, but I released the anger and walked away from the situation. That person continued to rip people off and treat people badly. He treated himself badly as well, with drugs and alcohol. Last I heard, he was on his way back to jail. Someone had burned his house down, and he had lost his business.

Karma works.

The more you think about it, the more it will affect you, and the more you will see it in action all around you. It works for everyone regardless of whether they believe in it or not.

We do not always see it in action — and it happens at different rates. Sometimes instantly, sometimes not for years — but it always does work.

We can't always see it. We may see a person who spews negativity all over everyone he comes into contact with all day long. We don't see that he goes home to a wife and kids who hate him or parents who treat him like scum no matter what his accomplishments.

Always understand you cannot know every single thing about any human being. So be forgiving. And rest easy knowing karma will sort it out.

When you speak and when you take actions, always consider that what you put out is what you will get back. That karma works. And if you truly believe and you live by that belief, it is highly unlikely that you will go astray. 



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