5: Show Time

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Dipper came back at last with clothes for Bill. "So Grunkle Stan questioned why my backpack was so stuffed and he thought I was smuggling pugs."

"Nah, only Grunkle Stan does that." Mabel laughed.

"Anyways," Dipper threw the clothes at Bill, "here you go, Bill."

Bill looked at the clothes and snapped his fingers, making them appear on him. "Yeesh, I look like Pine Tree the second."

"Now if they question the clothes, just say you two have a similar fashion taste." Mabel said.

"Mabel, do you think Stan and Ford are even going to let a stranger stay at the Shack?" Dipper shrugged.

"That's why we say Bill is our old friend visiting from California!" Mabel smiled.

"Alright." Dipper sighed. "What should his name be?"

"What?" Bill frowned. "You're changing my name now?"

"If your name is Bill, I have a feeling that Ford will be suspicious." Dipper explained.

"Well, I always liked the name Tyrone." Bill smiled.

"Hey!" Dipper pointed at him. "That's my dream name!"

"How about Phil?" Mabel asked.

"Sure." Bill shrugged. "Kinda sounds like my real name."

"Alright, Phil," Dipper sighed, "I don't know how long you'll be staying with us, but you better start looking for a job to buy a home or else you'll be living in the homeless shelter."

"Ughhh," Bill whined, "so much work to do as a human."

"Yeah, deal with it."

"Okay, guys, I'm getting hungry so let's head back to the Shack for some lunch." Mabel smiled.

"I like that idea!" Bill grinned.

Dipper slapped his forehead. "Of course you do."

As they came closer to the Shack, they found Grunkle Stan sitting on the couch on the porch, drinking a soda."Hey, kids!"

When he realized Bill was with them, he raised an eyebrow. "Who's your friend there?"

"This is Phil." Mabel introduced. "Dipper and I met him in school and turns out he's visiting Gravity Falls!"

"How convenient!" Stan stood up. "Another customer for the Shack! I mean, uh,"

"Grunkle Stan," Dipper began, "is it fine if Phil stays with us for a few days?"

"I don't give two craps as long as he helps out with the business." Stan took a sip of his soda.

"I'd be happy to help." Bill smiled.

"I like this guy!" Stan nudged Bill's shoulder. "Nice clothes by the way. You and Dipper look so much alike it's like you took Dipper's clothes right out of his closet."

Dipper laughed nervously. "Coincidence, right?"

"Well, a tour is about to begin, so take your places." Stan said.

"We haven't eaten lunch yet." Mabel pouted.

"Then eat while you work. You know the drill."

As Stan walked away into the Shack, Mabel turned to Bill. "Alright, we'll show you how to work the ropes of this place. Just don't mess up and under any circumstances, don't use your powers!"

"Got it, Shooting Star." Bill nodded.

"Another thing," Dipper added, "call us by our real names or else Stan and Ford are going to know it's you for sure."

"What's your name again?"

Dipper slapped his forehead. "We're doomed."

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