August Alsina

"We got a special guest in the building August Alsina what's up" Dj Envy said

"What's goodie" I spoke into the mic

"So the word around is you expecting a little one " Charlemagne asked

"Right into it huh but yes it's true" I smiled

"Congratulations " the three of them said and envy hit a button to make the applause sound

"So what made you pick somebody from Canada"

"Well it was list of people and we decided on the best fit. You know somebody we know that we would want to carry our child and wouldn't be on no bull shit. "

"Well she's pretty but we seen some rude comments being said about how y'all should have picked somebody of a lighter complexion. How do she feel about that?" Angela Yee asked

"Yeah I saw that. And I don't get why it even matter to anyone else that really pissed me off because we all human and bleed the same blood. But Nova talked to her about it she said she was trying to ignore it she have her page private and she try not to read the comments." I explained

"That's good she seem like a nice girl."

"Definitely." I nodded

"So how is the music coming" Envy asked

"It's coming I have somethings I will be releasing soon so stay tuned their dope y'all going to love it" I looked into the camera

"Is that including the album " Charlemagne asked

I laughed " Nah but it's coming I just want everything out in the right time so I got a couple things to get my fans ready. Then, I'll be dropping a single later then the rest is a surprise. "

"Y'all here that he got big plans. Well we will be waiting. Everyone knows whatever it is it's going to be dope." Angela Yee said

"I appreciate it love" I smiled

"You can't be shooting your shot no more Ang this man got a whole fiancé and a baby on the way" Dj Envy laughed

"What ! I was just saying don't do that Envy." She giggled

Just to mess with her I looked over and smiled sticking my tongue out

Just to mess with her I looked over and smiled sticking my tongue out

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