Chapter Six

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I woke up at the sound of an alarm. I checked the clock on the side table and saw that it was only five-thirty in the morning.

Who is awake at this hour?, I thought. Looking around, I saw that my brother was still asleep with the pillow on top of his head. I walked towards the door and opened it. There were people who looked around our age and some were older walking in the same direction. I went back inside and woke my brother up.

"Hey, wake up. I think training is about to start."

I opened the drawer and picked up what looked like uniforms. I threw a pair to my twin as he was rubbing away his sleepiness.

As we walked where most of the people were standing, I noticed an older man around his thirties, standing at the end, looking over us. The alarm stopped ringing and he started to talk.

"Good morning ladies. Today, training will start as usual. I would separate you into teams and after your name is called please proceed to your respective group. There are some new comers here and I want you to know that be prepared for your ass to be kicked."

There were some snickers from the crowd as he mentioned of what was to come. I was slightly nervous and I hoped that my brother and I would be on the same team.

"Okay, those who already have teams from last week, team up." People started to move and group themselves as around ten were left which included my brother and I.

"So the fresh blood…I will call your name one by one and proceed to your respective groups. Alistair Hale, you're in team A. Monique Griffin, team B…."

I stopped listening to the man in front of us and started to observe the teams. There were 4 different teams and each team seemed tough. I guess they all like to succeed for what game or training we have.

My brother squeezed my hand and I began to listen to whatever the man was saying.

"So we got siblings in our hands. How convenient. Let's see your file. Ah, ladies and gentlemen we have the twin children and niece of the legendary Susan Croft and Ethan Croft and Roger Saunders from the Alpha Black Hawks and the sibling of the missing Matthew Croft", he commented. "The apple does not fall far from the tree."

People started to whisper and look at us differently. I guess our parents and uncle were good at what they do for them to be remembered as legends. And Mattie must have done the same thing. I wondered if Mattie received the same training. I really hope he is alright, wherever he is.

Ethan and I looked at one another. "Don’t worry, sis. Whatever happens we'll always have each other's back", he whispered.

The man coughed to get everyone's attention. "If it were my way I would separate the both of you but for some reason you were allowed to be on the same team. Croft twins will be on team D. Let's see how Susan and Ethan's children do. Impress me."

All eyes were on us as we walked towards our new team. The pressure of having a famous last name in this field is ridiculous.

"Start your introduction and get on your way to training." The man left and walked to the direction opposite from us.

"So the Croft twins." I looked at the person who talked. She seemed to be unimpressed for whatever reason.

She looked at me and Ethan and her expression turned from neutral to cold. "The name's Melissa and I want the both of you to get out of my way from being picked as an agent. Got it?"

Picked as an agent? You mean there's a possibility that we don't get to be one?, I thought.

I raised a brow and observed her. She's tough but I bet under all that exterior is a girl who is insecure about herself. I've dealt with girls like her before. Being the captain of the cheer squad they would expect you to be cold and scary but in actuality I did not treat my team that way. Regardless, there were some who tried to take my place but failed.

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