"Hey," she replied. "Who's that?"

"That is my sister Victoria. You can call her Vicky."

Yakira stopped kicking around the soccer ball and came to shake Vicky's hand. So formal, I thought.

"You were right. She is a two," whispered Vicky.

"Nice to meet you," said Yakira.

"You too. Now let's go get sexy for this kick ass party!"

We all "whooped" in agreement and went into Yakira's house. It looked small on the outside but it looked gigantic on the inside. It was so modern and yet classic at the same time. Her parents were definitely travelers. They had a mini fountain with a mermaid spitting water out into smaller arrays of stone bowls. The living room made me immediately think of New York City. The couches were an iridescent red with white end tables flanking each side. The lamps were pair shaped and symbols on them that made them look like tribal vases. Paintings of Marilyn Monroe and original looking Picasso's decorated the walls. Vicky and I must have looked like lost puppies because Yakira was halfway up the staircase while we gawked at her house.

"You guys my bedroom is this way," she signaled for us to follow and we closed our mouths and walked up the marble staircase. I wonder if they take this with them when they move I said to myself.

"Here it is."

Yakira's bedroom reminded of a cooler version of mine. While my bedroom walls were a soft pastel pink hers were a vibrant hot pink. Her bed was engraved like a tombstone. It said, "Beloved daughter to Maria and Joshua Daniels. 1994-..." It had an intricate rose under it with the stem swirling around the words. My bed wasn't engraved! She's so cool! She had an LCD plasma television mounted on the wall facing her bed. She had a silver laptop sitting on a desk on the other side of the room. I have a laptop too but hers just seems cooler. She had already laid out a few outfits on her bed to choose from for the party.

"Uh you guys are doing that thing where you have your mouths hanging open and you're staring at all my stuff," commented Yakira.

"Yakira you are freaking rich!" Vicky screamed.

"Call me Ya-ya and yeah my parents are pretty well paid I guess." She shrugged.

"Well let's get started on these outfits," I said.

I dumped my bag of clothes onto her bed and we immediately began switching clothes.

"Oh that shirt would look hot with that skirt," said Ya-ya.

"Add this hat too," said Vicky.

"It's perfect. Now we have to decide who would rock it the best."

We stared at each other for about five seconds before we all lunged for the outfit.

"It's mine!" growled Vicky. She snatched the outfit and hugged it possessively to her chest. "I added the hat and I am a mature adult so it's mine. Oh and if you happen to have a pair of Louis Vuitton heels I'll take those too Ya-ya."

"Vicky I said my parents were well paid not millionaires! I have some knock-offs that would go good with that though."

Ya-ya laughed and went over to her giant walk-in closet and fished around for the heels.

"Damn I realized I didn't bring shoes to trade," I said.

"It's cool. I've got plenty to share. What size are you?" called Ya-ya from inside the closet.

"Seven," me and Vicky said at the same time.

"You're in luck. I am too!"

This chick is so much like us it's freaky. I like it. Now I have someone to trade clothes with whenever I get tired of mine. I mean her closet is like a mini mall.

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