= Chapter 43 =

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"You stole all the air in the room and asked me why I couldn't breathe."

-Jeremy Lockhart

What was I suppose to say to him at this moment? Being caught red handed, my mind went absolutely blank.

"I-I...Jeremy... I w--was—" I stuttered, at the loss of words. Snatching the book away from me, he looked at me in disbelief.

"How could you, Skylar?! I almost opened up everything to you about myself but yet you wanna snoop around my things?! For god's sake! If you want to find out more about me, maybe you could try opening up too! I can't believe you!" His voice cracked when he slipped about the fact that he wanted me to open up too.

Was he only opening up to me in order to make me do likewise? Why is he so mad? It's just a book.

Or does the book contain something I shouldn't know about?

"What the hell, Jeremy?! So you've just been acting so open around me cause you wanted me to do the same?! Well news flash Jeremy, you'll never know any shit thing about me!!" I gave him a equally menacing glare.

"Whatever, I'm leaving. I got enough of other things on my mind." He gritted out, grabbing his book and a black string bag.

"Wait what?! Where are you going??Jeremy! Don't ignore me! Where are going?!" I chased him down the stairs, careful to not trip. I couldn't even keep up to his quick pace as he strode across the kitchen.

"Gab, let's go." He said with a stern voice.

"Wait what? Like go no—" Gabriel had puzzlement written all over his features.

"I said LET'S GO!" Jeremy yelled in frustration before stomping out of the house. Gabriel, however, didn't get mad and just followed along. As I was about to continue my persistent argue, Kai pulled me back by the arm.

"Skylar, don't. Just leave them." He gave me a soft smile.

"Where is he going? He's not going to leave me right? I know it's wrong to invade his privacy, but all I did was read the first page of his book!" I whined, my fear of being alone kicking in.

"No no, he'll be back sunshine...they just have to...handle some issues. Oh Sky, just remember—never touch his books. Jeremy will get crazy mad." Kai impersonated Jeremy causing me to giggle.

"Now there's that smile, come on why don't you take a rest in the living room and I'll prepare you some dessert!" He suggested and with that last word, my imagination ran wild with delicious images. Placing his earphones on, he danced his way to the kitchen.

Nodding to myself, I trudged my way to the sofa before falling flat onto the sofa with a groan. Life just couldn't get any better.

Jeremy is gone to god knows where.

Gabriel is gone too.

3W! Is most likely planning my death.

Yes I was sure, my life couldn't get any better. My eyelids started to get heavy, and the warm afternoon breeze made it even more suitable to have a nap.

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