Tears and hearts

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Teddy was the first to react. "No we are not taking you to the Dursley's. You are here because some of us are from the future and would like to introduce ourselves to you. Also Harry wanted to see you." Heather nodded and motioned with her hands for them to continue the introduction.

A half hour later the only person left was Rebecca. "Who are you?" Heather asked her future daughter. "I am Rebecca Ruth Reagan Riona Risa Rythothia Roxa Rica Riva Rayton. My parents are Brandon and Heather Rayton. So my mum is you. 17, Gryffindor, training to work for the Department of Orphaned Magical Youth Care." "I'm a mum."Heather said faintly. "Yes mum." a new voice said.

"RIVIN!!!" Rebeccca exclaimed in disbelief as she saw a boy who looked like James's twin.  "Hey sis, hi I'm. Rivin Brandon Rayton, Gryffindor, 18, and I want to help Molly with her wandshop when she starts." He said getting ready to face his sister's wrath. "How did you get here?" She asked trying to keep calm. She was failing miserably. "Well My friends and i were goofing off and someone dropped a time turner." Rivin explained carefully avoiding the name of the one who dropped it. "Were you with Finnigan when it happened?"  Rebecca said spitting out the name Finnigan. "Yes i was there my darling Rebecca." a voice from behind Rebecca said in a  flirtatious manor. Rebecca groaned as if in pain when she saw the brown haired and blue eyed boy. "Why of all people do you have to be friends with the royal pain in my butt." Rebecca complained to her brother. "I just am that awesome lovely Becky." Finnigan said theatrically. "Call me Becky one more time. I dare you." Rebecca warned. Everyone but Finnigan backed away from the fumming Rebecca. "Becky." Everyone from the future that heard Finnigan call her that took an intake of breath. "DEAN PATRICK FINNIGAN I WILL KILL YOU!" Rebecca screamed, her temper finally getting the better of her. "Go out with me Becky." Rebecca walked up to Patrick with a smile on her face, but once she was within arms length of him she slapped him across the face. The sound echoed around the room.

She than grabbed Alice, Victorie, Roxanne, Lucy, Dominique, and James before storming out of the room. Rebecca went up to the room she normally stayed in and sat on the bed. The small group of people she brought with her quickly went to her and sat or stood around her. Rebecca soon had silent tears streaming down her pale cheeks. James was hugging her instantly. Rebecca was his favourite cousin secretly. "Why did he have to use Becky! He remembers what happened last year doesn't he. He is my stalker." she sobbed. Lucy than stormed from the room. The rest of the group just continued soothing her.

With Lucy

Lucy stormed down the stairs and into the kitchen were everyone besides the group upstairs had relocated. Lucy went right over to Patrick and slapped him. "Did you forget why she hates being called Becky! You just reduced one of my best friends to tears! I should be doing more than slapping you!" Lucy shouted slapping Patrick with each sentence. Everyone besides Molly 2 looked at Lucy in surprise. Lucy was normally the calm one of the group. "Oh Merlin! How could i forget that!" Patrick gasped. "Oh just go bloody apologize." Lucy said to everyone's surprise once again. Patrick then ran to were Rebecca was with Lucy trailing behind him.

He burst through the door out of breath. The group looked up startled. Rebecca sobbed even louder at the sight of Patrick. Lucy ran over to Rebecca and embraced her gently. "I am so sorry Rebecca I forgot all about last year. Please forgive me." Rebecca looked up at him in surprise. Her eyes were searching his looking for a lie of any sort. She found none. "Look Patrick, I'm sorry. I lost my temper and screamed at you. You don't need to apologize." Rebecca said softly, still looking into his eyes. "Friends?" Patrick asked not breaking eye contact with Rebecca's emerald eyes. Rebecca nodded a yes. He smiled and left the room. "Who knew he has a heart." Alice said surprised. "He apologized!" James said startled. "Rebecca if he tries anything tell me." James continued in a protective tone. James might not let on, but he was very protective over the girls in his family and Friends. Especially Lily, Alice, Rebecca, Lucy, and Rose. He knew the other girls would protect themselves...and kill him if he even tried to protect them. He was afraid that Rebecca was slowly falling for Patrick and was going to get hurt along the path.

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