4: Fresh Start

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"Woah, never expected this to happen!" Bill laughed. "The twins actually letting me come to the Shack? Insane!"

"But first," Mabel crossed her arms, "you're gonna have to ditch the outfit. It's so obvious that you are Bill."

"So you just want me to walk in there naked?"

"No." Mabel shivered. "I'll wait here while Dipper gets some of his clothes for you."

"What?" Dipper exclaimed. "Why does he have to wear my clothes?"

"Because I don't think it'd be normal for Bill to be wearing mine?" Mabel tilted her head. "Besides, you just wear the same outfit everyday."

"Ugh, fine." Dipper shrugged. "I'll be back."

As Dipper walked out of their view, Mabel and Bill looked at each other.

"By the way, never got to thank you yet for freeing me, Shooting Star." Bill smiled.

"Uh," Mabel mumbled, "yeah.."

"This new form is weird, though." Bill looked at his hands. "I remember the human body from when I possessed Pine Tree, and it wasn't pleasant."

"Do you still have your powers?" Mabel asked.

"Of course I do." Bill nodded. "But this new form, they're limited, so I'll only use them if I need to."

Mabel felt the butterflies in her stomach again. This wasn't right. Could she be falling for Bill!?

But Bill wasn't any different. He felt nervous around her but yet didn't want to leave her. She was so beautiful and kind to him now.

"Bill," Mabel looked down, "I feel like you're completely different."

Bill smiled. "Well, it's because I am! With this new form, it's basically as if I was reborn."

"So, Bill," Mabel smiled at him, "since you are 'reborn', it's like a fresh start for you. What I have in mind is for you to be good instead of bad!"

"Do you really think that's possible?"

"Well since you have a heart now I think so." Mabel smiled.

"I can't remember the last time I've been good." Bill scratched his head. "But I'll give it a try."

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