Chapter Eighteen - Broken beyond repair

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Alessandro's POV:

"Boss, they'll land in a few hours." Dante informed me. Finally. I've finally trapped my biggest enemy and his family. The man who killed my mother, the man who is the reason for my nightmares and sleepless nights, the man who I hate the most. If you think that I would kill him, that's were you're wrong. I'm going to take his most precious and loved thing from him. The motherfucker's family. That's the way he's going suffer the most.

It took me years to find him. Never ever did I let my men stop searching for him and his family and now I finally have him. My men in Russia contacted me last night and informed me that they managed to get them and that they are on their way to New York. It's the best news I've heard from a long time but I didn't feel happy as much I imagined myself to be. The reason is my beautiful angel Arabella. I miss her so much.
I wonder what she's doing right now. I hope she's ok. Me and her mom made a plan on how we'll help Arabella. I'm coming for you, fiore!


"So to make things clear, sweetie! First, you're not allowed to talk back to me or disobey me. Second, you ask for my permission every time you want to go out which will be very rare. Third, you don't anything too revealing. Fourth, you're not allowed to talk to men at all." Is he serious?! "But what if they talk to me? I mean I can't be rude and not answer." I reasoned with him. "If that's the case you'll have to be rude, honey! Because I don't like any man speaking to what's mine but if you want to see the consequences, go ahead and talk to men." He spat with venom clear in his voice.

He's been telling what to do and what not to since I woke up. Ugh. I hate him so much already but I can't do anything about it. I'm scared that he'll hit me again. I know I sound weak but that's what I am, right? I let people order me around of course I'm weak.
"Are you even listening to what I'm saying!" His voice suddenly rose. Oh shit! I pissed him off. "Y-yes?" It was rather a question. He liftet his arm in the air and I knew what was coming my way, so I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the stinging pain to come.

But it never came. A knock on the door stopped him from hitting me. Thank god for that. "You're lucky this time." He said while walking to the door and opening it. "Clement, I need to talk to your fiancé alone, please." His mother came in and walked towards the bed were I was sitting. "Fine. I'm downstairs if you need anything." He said and exited the room.

She sat beside me and put a strand of loose hair behind my ear. Her touch was warm and soft just like mothers. "Here, call your mother she's worried about you." She handed me a phone. "But I'm not allowed to call her!" "I know. I'm not going to tell anyone she's your mom you have to call her." She send me a heartwarming smile and stroked my cheek. I smiled back at her before dialing my moms number.

"Hello?" I felt like I was going to burst into tears by just hearing her voice I missed her so freaking much. "Mom, it's me." "Arabella? My little baby girl, tell me are you ok?" I can hear from her voice that she's been crying. "I'm fine, mom! How are you doing?" "Look, Arabella... you don't have to do this! I talked with Alessandro and he'll help us." My heart ached at the mention of his name. "How? He can't help us, It's too late anyway!" Thank god Clement's mother left me alone. "I told him everything your father has against me and he said that he has a plan to get us both out of it. You know I wouldn't mind going to jail, Arabella but you never told me that he blackmailed you with it I found out on my own!" I took a deep breath to calm myself. "The wedding is this Saturday it's too late he can't help me anymore but do you know what is hurting me the most, mom?" I questioned my heart breaking every time I speak a word. "That everyone even Alessandro knows what you have done now except for me. You're daughter but you know what I don't wanna know because I know that'll break me more than I'm already broken. I just want that at least my siblings will have a good life and future, I don't want them to live without you."

"Arabella, I'm so sorry, baby! I'm ashamed of myself I couldn't tell my children that I killed someone I was scared that you'll hate me." She sobbed on the phone. I told her I don't want to know what she's done but still she told me. Why? I couldn't listen anymore so I hang up the call. It's too much for me to handle. I couldn't hold it back anymore, I broke down, I let the tears flood down my face, I let myself scream between heavy sobs, I didn't care if they hear me.

Clement's mom entered the room again. I couldn't see her clearly because of the tears that blurred my sight. "Sweetheart, what happened?" She concerned sitting herself next to me on the edge of the bed and pulled me to her chest. I didn't respond just continued sobbing in her arms. I felt safe when I was with her but the only one who I wanted at this moment was Alessandro. I wanted him to hold me in his warm arms and tell me that everything is gonna ok, I wanted to smell his beautiful scent and kiss his lips, I just wanted to be with him. Why is life always against me? Why can't I be with the people I love? Why does life always want to break me even when I'm already broken enough?

I'm broken beyond repair.


End of chapter 18.
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