Tris Pov:


We arrive in a house which feels familiar.

Tobais' old house.

Marcus appears and I can feel anger boil in me as I remember Tobais's childhood. Marcus' eyes are a pure black. He is holding a long, brown belt and I can feel Tobias breathing heavy behind me. He puts a hand ontop of his head to protect his face. I couldn't see him trembling like this. So I take in action.


Tobais Pov:

I await the sting of the belt where bad memories lurk, including my mom dying hours after be beaten up very bad. Knowing it would come in a second, I wait for the powerful whip to slash at me, but it never came.

I open my eyes to see a horrifying scene. Tris's hand has a leathery belt wrapped around it.

Marcus eyes go from the goal of hurting me, to hurting Tris. His belt whips around him and came forward, and hit Tris on her neck. Tris fell to the ground and I feel anger boil within me. I rush to her side, and see Marcus rise his whip again. I stand upright again and and grab the whip midair, before it hits Tris's gentle face. I tug on it until it fell off Marcus's rough, cruel a hands and whip the belt around, knowing my fears, I knew there were 8 other Marcus' in the room. They are all knocked out, as soon as the belt hit them. I breath as I see the lime green walls, controlling what we saw on my fear landscape.

Tris is uncounious on the floor. I pick her up in a fast, but gentle motion and put her back in the recliner. I waited till she wakes, whitch only took 10 minutes. She wasn't in much pain, after all, it was a simulation.

We slowly walked upstairs.

Slow and steady because Tris' body still hurts from the kidnapp.

"So, Four, as in four fears?" I nods. She decide to tease me a little "oh, cuz I thought your nickname was four because you dated four girls at the same this. I looks at her seriously.:

"Tris, I would never. Infact, everyday, I would wake to the fact that I may never see you again, and the last thing I think is you will never come back" I tilt her head upward so she would stare into my eyes and I would stare into her striking blueish-grey eyes.

I kiss her lips lightly and then nibble on her ear. She giggles as my breath tickles her ears.


Tris Pov:

We sat on the couch and saw that everyone was watching "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Slayer"

The girls must have been dared because all girls except Lynn hate horror films. All are snuggled into there boyfriends. I squeeze Tobais' hand hard and told him that I am scared.

A/N: I am not going to spoil a lot, but I say as little as possible)

We are in the beginning where young Abe is fighting a Vampire. As he cuts off the head, with the help of a friend, I snuggle deeply into Tobias' chest. I feel him squeezing my waist as I hear the bloodcurdling screen coming from his large flatscreen TV. The boys were laughing a little at a part I could not see, but I could hear a scream coming from the TV.

"Are you all enjoying the movie?" I see some blood and instantly hid my face again. I hear Tobias laughing then kisses my forehead. I guess this isn't so bad after all. At least I have my ProtectivePillow, named Toby Woby!





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