Best Friends??

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NICKI!! I screamed at the top of my lungs while holding her head. No she said laughing. We were both on the floor wrestling. She then got on top of me and pinned my arms above my head Nicki I said breathing heavy.

You must love saying my name because you say it a lot Nicki said. G-get off of m-me I said stuttering over my words. Nicki smirked making her sexy a*s dimples pop out. I unintentionally bit my lip.

Nicki leaned down and kissed me on my neck. N-nicki what are you doing. She ignored me and kept going. S-stop I said on the verge of tears.

She looked at me and her face softened. I-I I'm sorry she said looking at me apologetically. I forgot ok she said. Why do you keep forgetting I asked.

Because you know what forget it I'm going to bed Nicki said storming upstairs. I followed after her no come on tell me what is bothering you I said poking her butt as she walked upstairs.

Stop she said and kept walking. Tell me please I said poking her butt again. Beyonce FUCKING Knowles She yelled at me. I put my hands up so fast because when you make Nicki mad then she turns into a whole different person. 

Nicki went inside her room and  started taking her clothes off. I sat on her bed waiting for her to talk to me but she didn't. Instead she ignored me and went inside the bathroom and hopped in the shower.

I hate when she gets like this. She only ignores me when I have done something bad but I didn't even do anything bad. I waited until she was out the shower. Thirty minutes later she was done and out the shower.

Once she came back to the room and seen me still here she rolled her eyes. She knows I hate when she doesn't talk to me. She dried off her body and puts on a big t-shirt.

Nicki please talk to me. You know how I felt when you did that earlier. You know what I been through. But what has you ignoring me because you never just not talk to me.

You don't get it do you she said looking at me. I do not get what I said looking confused. Ugh! Nicki screamed and through her hands up. Yo! You acting mad crazy just tell me the issue. I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU BEYONCE!!

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