Ch. 29 Decision.

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

The next morning.

I wake up, I felt very unwell for some reason. I knocked on Jake's and Erika's door. There was no answer. I knocked once more, no answer.

"Jake?" I said.

I opened the door, and I saw the room was empty.

My mouth dropped open.

"What the fu-.."
I walked in, I couldn't close my mouth. I was in shocked.

I was angry, I didn't think they were mad at me that much.

I got a text, it said.

"15 hours, Logan."

Must've been Brianna.. I think I know what I'm gonna do.

I was just so stressed, everyone was mad at me for cheating..

I got a call, from my mom.

I answered it.

"Hello? Mother?"
"Hello, Logan." She didn't sound happy.
"What is it mom?" I said.
"I've been seeing what's been happening Logy."

I face palmed myself.

"I am not happy." She said.
"I know mom.." I pouted.

"First you cheat on Ayla, then get in a fight, with that guy.. And Ayla, then you're in the hospital, and didn't even bother to call you're mother! And now you're brother moves out?"

"What has gotten into you Logan! Snap out of it!"

"Okay mom, in working on it. Goodbye." I hung up.

I sat down at the table, by myself.

"Wow, this is sad." I put my elbows on the table.

I scrolled threw Instagram, all I saw that I was tagged in was edits of me and Ayla.

I couldn't look at them, but I wanted to so bad..

I put my phone away, and decided to take a nap. For some reason I thought that would help.

I later down on the couch, and closed my eyes. I couldn't fall asleep for the longest time. I looked out the window, it was a nice sunny day. I decided to go out, since I couldn't fall asleep.

I got in my car and drove to my favourite smoothie place.

I drank my smoothie, and looked around. Then suddenly I could see a large group of people with my merch walk towards me, maybe about 50 people were there.

A smile crawled on my face.

The Logang always make me feel better.

I walked up to them, and smiled.

"Hey guys!"

They all started screaming.

"Logan!" A few fans screamed.
"I love you so much!" A few more said.
"You're my hero!" A voice said.
Some were singing help me help you.

I smiled.

~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

I was going for a run down the street, I wanted to stop by to get a drink.

When I saw a blonde man, his back faced to me, and had a bunch of people surrounding him. He turned around.

It was Logan.

My heart stopped, once I saw his face I ran as fast I could back home.

When I got home I slammed the door, and sat on the chair.

"FUCK WHY LOGAN!" I started crying, I was holding my head.

~ Logan's P.O.V ~


I got home, and checked the time. My eyes widened. I only had a few hours to answer Brianna.

I texted her right away.

L- Hey Brianna, I have made my decision.
B- What will it be?
L- Can't wait to see you're beautiful face baby
B- You're gonna date me?
L- Yes.
B- I'll see you in 10 at you're place:)
L- Okay babe.

I felt so guilty, but I want Ayla to be safe.

~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

I looked around the room, I looked at the ceiling, then the window. I curled up in a ball, and cuddled the blankets. I miss how Logan's warm body wrapped around me giving me butterflies, and warming me.

Suddenly, the door slams open.

I look at the door, and I see two guys wearing black.

I stand up on the couch, my eyes widen

"WHO ARE YOU?!" I screamed.
"You'll see soon, sweetie." They smirked.
"Logan tried his best to keep you safe, but he didn't succeed."
"What are you-"

~ Flashback. ~

L-"You won't believe me.."
A-"I will Logan, believe me."
L-"I was being black mailed, if I didn't date Brianna she would get a dangerous gang to kidnap you. I didn't believe her, but she introduced me to them.
A-"Do you think I'm a joke?!"
L-"What?! No!"
A-"Goodbye Logan."

~ Flashback end. ~

He wasn't lying..

"Let's go princess." One guy walked over to me smiling.
"No!" I screamed.

He picked me up, and started running. The other guy locked the door to my apartment and catches up to us.

"Should've listened to Logan, now you're in this situation. You'll be put in a few minutes." They put me in the trunk, put tape on my lips, and tied my wrists.

They shut the trunk, and I started crying.

I could hardly breathe.

Logan, I'm sorry..

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