2: Bill's Return

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"Dipper," Mabel gasped.

"It's Bill." Dipper's eyes widened.

"How did we not see this before?" Mabel looked at Dipper.

"No idea..." Dipper frowned. "And the weird thing is we've tried finding it before."

"Well, now we found it!" Mabel laughed.

"Better write this down." Dipper got a chewed-up pen out of his backpack.

"Hey Dipper,"


"What do you think would happen if someone shook his hand?"

Dipper's hand froze. "Uh, considering the fact that Bill was erased in Grunkle Stan's mind, probably nothing."

"I'm curious." Mabel examined Bill's hand.

"I doubt anything would happen, Mabel."

"So can I shake it?"

Dipper looked up. "I don't know..what if I'm wrong?"

"I'm very curious now." Mabel chuckled.

Dipper smirked. "Fine then. I dare you to shake Bill's hand."

"Oh, I'm way ahead of you." Mabel reached her hand out to Bill's.

Dipper watched as Mabel grasped the statue's hand. "See, it's nothing."

And then, a beam of light came from the statue, knocking Dipper and Mabel backwards into the ground.

They shielded their eyes from the light until they heard a voice. "Well, well, well..."

The light disappeared and the twins put their hands down. "No way.."

Bill Cipher stood in front of the twins, but instead of his regular triangle form, he was a human! He had a top hat above golden blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a dress shirt with a yellow sweater vest and black tie and dress pants/shoes.

Mabel couldn't help but feel mesmerized by Bill's new form. She couldn't speak.

"Pines twins!" Bill dipped his hat. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"Bill.." Dipper shook his head. "You were erased though!"

"I guess technically, my old form was erased." Bill smiled.

"You've gotta be kidding me..." Dipper slapped his forehead.

"Just saying, this isn't my fault!" Bill laughed. "Shooting Star did it all."

He looked over at Mabel and was shocked with her beauty. "Wow, Shooting Star, you've changed."

Mabel couldn't speak. Her heart pounded fast and her hands shook. Butterflies swarmed in her stomach and she was able to say, "Does that mean I'm pretty?"

Bill nodded with a smile. "Beautiful."

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